Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Silk paper and stitch .

Debby has continued to teach her stitch group using Zoom to connect with them.They had loved doing wet felting so she had introduced them to silk paper making . Here she has used a silk hankie adding in extra silk fibres to make a sheet of luscious silk paper.

She also showed how to use the gummy strips which still retain the glue ,needing only to be spritzed with water and ironed to create silk paper.These can be coloured with dye or Inktense or left their natural colour .

In these  examples Debby has begun to add hand stitch.Her group are so lucky to have such a talented teacher .


Thursday, 4 March 2021

Luggage tags.

Jenn has continued to create tags for the '52 Tags ' instagram challenge . Some come quite easily and others are a bit of a struggle to complete .She hopes to keep going.These are the latest kisses ,a bevy of buttons ,hexies ,bullion stitch and french knots ,bits and pieces.

On her mostly daily walks she tries to collect something natural to bring home to draw.

These quick drawings have given lots of pleasure over the weeks and are building into a collection of ideas.Taking inspiration from things collected  she has been hand stitching  small tag size pieces .

The backgrounds are pieced from  hand dyed silk sari ribbon, organza,lace and silks.

A background she created some months ago is now being picked up and worked into with straight stitches.She has an idea to eventually use the drawings to create gum arabic prints on the background

before adding stitch.Time will tell but then we seem to have a lot of it just now.


More prints on canvas.

As mentioned in the last post Viv said there was more to come and she has not disappointed .These three photos record her inspiration ,drawing and eventual stitched piece ,once again limiting herself to straight stitch.This piece was inspired by the Wiltshire landscape.

Meanwhile Sally has been having a go .This time inspired by the flooded Somerset levels 

using a very atmospheric photograph and stitching with free machine embroidery.It really is a versatile medium.


Thursday, 25 February 2021

Coastal evening.

Viv is enjoying the challenge of using the printable canvas and using only straight stitch .The sun was a bit more difficult but she nailed it !
We hear there is another in progress ,a new material has awakened her need to create. 


Thursday, 11 February 2021

Computers, printers and stitch

After seeing a Zoom talk to the Bristol Embroiderers Guild Viv tried out printable canvas , as used and promoted by Sandra Meech ,the giver of the talk.

Using a photograph , taken in the Lake District some years ago, as inspiration Viv made a drawing loosely based on it.

This was then enlarged and Photoshopped before printing onto the canvas.

Viv stitched by hand with just straight stitch to bring colour and texture to the surface.The addition of stitch brings the landscape to life lending it a three dimensional quality .Well done Viv another technique to add to your repertoire !

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Coral Reef.


Sally was so taken with the last little book she has been working on a new one.

Creatures once again feature

from under the sea.

More specifically coral reefs .A bright spot in these dark Winter days .

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

New Shoots

Deryll has begun stitching.So far it is called Blue Landscape though it may change.She has used a variety of blue fabrics, layered and frayed before being stitched with a variety of machine stitch.Below a close-up but taken in different lighting's surprising how different they look.

Viv created some rust dyed fabrics which she has chosen to divide into narrow strips.These have been woven together to provide a base and background .To this she has added appliqué and stitch of a cheerful stand of red poppies.

Jenn has continued to create a tag a week following the prompts as mentioned in a previous post.

All white



Fly stitch

Who knows if she will manage to keep it up and create 52 !