Monday 1 April 2024

Victorian wallpaper ,bags and camels.


Viv has finished her interpretation of the scrap of Victorian wallpaper.It was uncovered while decorating at her house .She has deliberately dyed and distressed the background fabrics as the fragment had obviously darkened over time. She has used a mixture of vintage fabric appliqué ,hand and machine stitch and picked up the rich maroon of the flower to edge the piece.

She had been given this bag by a friend .It is a Banjara embroidered piece

It has bands of satin stitch ,with ricrac braid and shisha mirrors.

She also brought this camel neckband from Egypt, with a photograph of the border force camel handler.

Both are showing the use of traditional  embroidery, the former from India and the latter from Africa.
Such a lot of care and effort  lavished on everyday useful items .

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