Thursday, 14 March 2019

StitchTextile Artists exhibition

Jenn will be exhibiting here with Stitch Textile Artists.Meet the artists on Saturday April 13th 11am-2pm.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Boxes and books

Sue had continued her fascination with the boxes trying out a slightly different construction method and experimenting with materials to make them.She was toying with the idea of memory boxes .Precious little trinkets and loved items finding a safe home within.

Liz had been doing a variety of projects a  book using oak dyed fabrics 

Exploring different bindings to create little booklet of marks ,such as chain stitch,

running stitch.

string of pearls

Using card cuts to hold thing together 

She had also been revisiting work adding in  holey shells collected in St Ives ,and adding in highlights of blue to echo the sea glass.

Lastly, a 16" journal quilt for Contemporary Quilters West .It takes its colour scheme from the rooftops of St Ives and makes use of recycled fabrics.

Green in more ways than one.

Deryll had been trying out different framing for her cut up green piece .

We think she has nailed it with some watercolour paper mount and small white frames.

They glow like little jewels.

She had also thought about what we said about this piece and had found a lighter tone frame.

Her thoughts had been turning towards new work for UWE this coming August and the message she wants to impart.

She had turned up some old samples using plastic bags and wax crayons before being ironed and stitched with Fly stitch.

She wondered about using plastics to create some land/seascapes using newspaper cuttings as a collage background. Fracking has the potential to harm the land and Deryll has been collecting newspaper cuttings regarding this.We thought the idea was good but she would need more impact ,perhaps by tearing the small landscape pieces asunder ! 

Friday, 8 March 2019

Foreign climes.

Sally had been in India looking for tigers and she found some .She also picked up some textiles on her travels.This cushion cover has a great deal of work in it .

Although not the best quality it still shows a great deal of skill and cost the grand sum of about £6.00.

Her elephant fabric was bought in Africa and will become the cover of her sketch book in due course .

Some of the images she hopes to use 

for her messages pieces, for our UWE stand this year, will be based on animal markings, camouflage and deception.

A word of warning for those of you who use Bondaweb. Sally purchased some sold as Bondaweb by Fabricland but she was extremely disappointed .You can see why in the image below ,the whole surface has a very obvious diamond grid across it which distracts from the image of animal markings she wanted to transfer.

We suggested she might choose instead to use her photos and have a length of fabric printed by a firm such as PRINFAB.

She has some lovely papers from Bhutan she intends to use ,they are so gorgeous.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Missed it .......

Debby had been busy making for Valentine's Day but realised she missed the deadline for getting them to one of her outlets.Oh dear.....but we were treated to these beauties instead they might have appeared in the EG. shop last week and we expect they found new homes.
Hearts are lovely all year around.

This piece has been in the making for a little while ,Debby has been deciding how to proceed and thought maybe a 3-D vessel would suit .We agreed and hope she will go on to make more .It was an Ethiopian angel Debby had printed onto fabric and has embellished with stitch.

She had been revisiting Bondaweb and transfer foil to create this little lino printed bird.More work to do to integrate the foil .

She has integrated plastic cheese wrappers into this still life ,colouring with Acrylic paint then burning with a heat gun.

Lots of lovely pastels with stitch and beads .

She has fallen out of love with her birds just now so is working on another of her trademarks

A different colour palette to normal 

and such a neat back.

Finally this lovely SHELFIE !

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Don't show the pins!

Ira is working on a piece inspired by a wall made from Wattle and Daub.

As usual there are multiple layers of fabric painted ,pieced and stitched

As it is in  progress you would expect that there will be much auditioning and repositioning before everything is to Ira's satisfaction.It is why you can see the pins.........she was scandalised to think of leaving them on view! 

Ira doesn't like being without some project so is working towards a solo exhibition in Slimbridge this Spring.One piece is framed and ready to join the others she has in progress. Busy, busy, lady.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

The delights of cotton organdie.

Jenn has an exhibition',Telling Tales', with Stitch textile Artists in Ilminster Arts Centre from Monday April 8th -Saturday April 27th.She has been working on her pieces for a while ,the wall hanging is finally done.She has used words and seed pods on a theme of growth.There are also some three dimensional pods which will accompany it.

She loves the properties of cotton organdie and has put it to use in her work for our Bristol Guild exhibition starting on Saturday April 27th.The title for this is Viewpoints and Jenn has taken her ideas from people in coffee shops.Using overheard snippets of conversations and quick drawings from life.So far she has created teacups and saucers machine embroidered with the 'conversations'