Monday, 8 July 2019

More clever boxes .

Liz has a friend in Devizes who teaches bookbinding that she goes to regularly.Liz had played with magic boxes previously and wanted to see if she could change the dimensions and still get them to work.

Theseare her results so far .She is not pleased that they are not quite perfect ,they catch instead of opening smoothl.You can be sure she will fix this little glitch that none of the rest of us would have noticed had she not pointed it out 

She decided to make a piece for wearing for her Festival of Quilts eco exhibition as the oak offers protection, being the tree of the warrior.She decided on a poncho type garment but was dismayed to discover the neckline was much too wide .....another solution to be found to rescue this promising piece.

Jenn had added to her printed collection of pieces and had begun to add in stitch as well as appliqué.

There was some concern that her message would not be understood.

So some discussion was had about the best way to proceed to make it plainer.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Medieval inspiration.

Ira enjoys all things historical and finds inspiration from her studies especially the Medieval period.

This piece was inspired by stained glass and was drawn freehand onto her base fabric..She has then begun to pick out areas with metallic paints.In the image you can see her pencil drawing that she worked from.

She has split her inspiration into sections which have been fitted together .


Below are more of her drawings using Tintern Abbey as her focus.She loves to draw as well as stitch and is very good.

The last image shows some computer wizardry ,scanning and using distortion filters to experiment with .

Monday, 1 July 2019

Little boxes but not 'made out of ticky -tacky'!

Sue has really taken the boxes and made them her own.

They are quite sturdy and made from a whole lot of different papers, many made by Sue.She has experimented using print on them ,and trapping leaves within tissue papers strengthened with laminating.Lots of scope for inspired papers .

Talk turned to what she might want to do with them in the exhibition. Jenga like plucking one from the pile without toppling the rest?This done over and over might lead to them being damaged though.

Thoughts were another idea ,allowing participants to hide a secret within a chosen box.Or for them to be used to contain a memory .She thought the sentiment 'Love is ........' might be her message.

She brought her cockerel along ,which she found had grown and grown as he was added to .Here a detail of his 'feathers'

and here the beginnings of his comb and wattle.He will be magnificent!

Friday, 28 June 2019

Little of this and a little of that.

Carol had taken a recent EG workshop with Sheila Davies from Celyn Textiles.It was entitled 'Jungle Bags'They first painted the background fabric then began to add all sorts of stitch with all sorts of 'threads'.Carol disliked what she had done and thought that it might become one of those UFOs we all have .We thought there were a great variety of different stitches in it and that it probably needed much more work to really cover the surface thickly.

She had been on The People's March making this banner, you see above, to display.She is still debating what will be her message and how to portray it .There was some discussion about the role of textiles in banner making down the years ,this may yield some fruitful ideas and inspiration.

Kirsten gave us another look at this handsome fellow ,still to have eyes and some more fluffy wool to add to his coat.

And this below, a teaching sample ,first painted with Intense before stitch.

She is still thinking about the carrier pigeon and his messages .We talked about the kind of things she could it notes, bottles,facebook ,text message the list can be added too.


Sally has persevered with her tiger piece.It makes her ill to think how such an iconic animal is being put at risk simply because of cultural beliefs which aren't proven. As well as a  piece of art it is an urgent message to wake up to the fact they will soon be no more.

Sally decided against sending her photos to be turned into  fabric by Prinfab ,instead buying A4 cotton print at home sheets.She has been thinking how best to display it and had brought along a branch she had been keeping.We liked the idea of the diamonds dangling from it.

Jane had a light bulb moment ,in turning over ideas for her message.She explained it was not a political comment piece but from the perspective of "this is a blooming mess! "

She thought of the way televisions used to show interference so tried out different ways of distorting the Union Jack, and having settled on her favourite she set up her machine and pieced thirty sections ,stitching for sixty nine hours in total!

She will display the flag with the banner headline

Some close-ups of front and back.

Deryll meanwhile, had really got into zero waste.

She had been recycling her pieces from 'Forecast',some  group  work done many years ago.

They had been dyed and used to create the 'chasm' in her fracking piece.

She had also found a way to strengthen newspaper to be able to include it to further enhance her message.

Come and read them for yourself at UWE in August.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Is it June

We met on a very wet and unseasonably cold June day, depressing weather but not the work which was shown.

Debby had nothing to show that she had worked on recently.She had given a talk to Newent Quilters about her practice and while sorting out what she would take she unearthed the above length of fabric.It was used many years ago in her degree show.It was a length of Fabricland's polyester silk and painted in her very recognisable style with silk paints.The different coloured sections are for earth ,fire,water and air.She has plans to use this as a background adding in floating birds and feathers .It will be a lovely way to recycle.

Schools have to teach citizenship and Debby devised an original way to engage her 
pupils, who come from diverse backgrounds.Each was given a hexagon and were asked to think about what they thought special about where they came from, and what their families prized as important .Above is one of the pieced hangings that resulted from this creatIive exercise all sewn together by Debby!

If you recall Sally offered Viv the use of her cord maker .They got together and created the twisted cord you see threaded through Viv's pockets 

A choice influenced by the denim and its trademark orange stitching.

She will add some safety pins, with a nod to Punk, to stop the pockets sliding down the cord when hung.


While clearing out and sorting through her Miaou samplers she happened upon these little canvas worked samples.She had created some little kits to accompany the exhibition she and Sally put on in UWE.

She thought about making cards from them  ,but we thought they had too much work in them for that .Instead we suggested magnetic needle keepers , brooches ,inserts for box lids ,commercially produced from Framecraft perhaps.

Friday, 7 June 2019

On the roads.

Jenn had been wondering what to use as inspiration for' Messages '.She had a few ideas but nothing really fired her imagination.Looking through some old photos she came across some taken of road markings, and decided to play with making some stamps .

She combined these with some stencils and had a lovely time creating some colourful printed fabrics.With the addition of some appliquéd fabric, wadding and stitch ,these might just make it to UWE.