Thursday, 26 March 2020


Jenn is keeping her options open by flitting from one thing to another.Here she has added some drawing to her concertina sketchbook ,loosely based on places visited in Italy.She has an idea to print some out on fabric and incorporate into a textile piece, we'll see.

The next page has yet to be added to but it is great fun deciding what might emerge,especially since there are no rules!

The magnified pictures displayed on each news bulletin of the Coronavirus have been in her head .To while away some time she  did some drawing, and created a little hand stitched piece from silk paper.She has an idea to work some more on dissolvable fabric.Where will it lead.......who knows?

She has also done a machine stitched "ironwork" on dissolvable for the Barrier work .

To minimise waste she may do some small ones before dissolving .

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

King Boletus and Oak.

Carol has been researching fungi and tree associations as part of networks and barriers.This little piece below is the King Boletus fungi which is found with the Oak.

You could almost believe these have just been picked from the leaf litter .The attention to detail is so fine.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Challenging times.

In these challenging times we ,like many others ,will have to restrict our activities.It will be many months before we can congregate and physically share our work.We hope to keep showing what we do but remotely, and that means the posts here might become different from normal.In these uncertain times making and creating will give much needed headspace and release , we hope you keep up your practice and keep yourselves safe.

Wall ,menagerie and naughty badger !

Deryll had been looking at different things that inhabit spaces in walls.She had observed different ways that they grow and had begun to sample .She thought of ivy, ferns and we suggested lichens on the surface.There is still a way to go but some encouraging progress.

Kirsten brought along the beginning of a menagerie.She has now made several hares and remarked they seem to get slightly bigger each time .What we love is the character she manages to give her creations.

The view below show them in her basket with an unlikely bedfellow! As well as these fine fellows there are lots of birds in progress.
She was concerned as to the whereabouts of her badger as he was not to be found in the car.

No worries though, he had decided to spend the day very comfortably ensconced back home on the sofa!

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Rock, recycle and print.

Ira had created her Rockface using her usual acrylic paint on left over wedding dress fabric.Stitch was then added before being framed. However, the piece needed to be cut down to fit,Rather than leave the excess go to waste Ira had turned them into cards.We thought they were little works of art and should be framed as pieces in their own right.

She is doing a great deal of sorting out and reassigning work at the moment and in the spirit of recycling has cut up her large  Newark park clock to work into a smaller piece.Nothing ever goes to waste.

She had gone back to the packaging brought last month she had turned into print blocks.This was her favourite and she intends to add into it .

Taking inspiration from Liz's idea of using a tetra pack as a print block she had created an image derived from cathedral vaulting.

Prints were made on paper and fabric and some had already been embellished with stitch.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Networking for trees.

Carol had been researching fungi that relate to particular trees.She had begun to sample ways she could translate the images into stitched three -dimensional shapes.A chanterelle in progress above ,looking very realistic.She has considered fabrics and notions and also bought a chamois for glass cleaning to use.We look forward to her other incarnations.

She had also attended a workshop run by Cherrilyn Tyler .It used transfer images onto fabric to stitch into .Carol was a little disappointed that they didn't get to try ways of transferring images for themselves.

The kit had already been prepared and they chose the one they wanted before adding fabrics and stitch to make it their own.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


                                 Due to the current situation with 
Corvid 19 we have taken the decision to postpone our exhibition at
Nature in Art 7-19th April.
We hope that we will be able to hold it later in the year.