Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Sally MacCabe.

We were supposed to have a two day workshop with Sally MacCabe back in June which obviously did not go ahead.We were disappointed so she agreed to create a video workshop we could download and work at in our own time.She did a really good job considering she had never done anything like it before.There has been a lot of that in these last strange months.

 Below are the results we came up with.

This is Jenn's attempt.The inside pages of her concertina book,

some close-ups

and the outside.Jenn feels it is lacking in something and could probably be because she had no particular focus.It needs more work and lots more layers

Sally chose to work on a different page size using zigzag stitch to join them.

She used her own papers from old watercolours, which were washed under the tap and repurposed.

Then she added to the surface with more collage and stamps.

Creative prompt 4.

Take a Walk
Cut an A4 sheet in two down its length.
Join along the short edge.
Roll up
Take a soft paste, pencil or felt penned your roll of paper.
Now take a walk, around your garden, yourdaily exercise or wherever you wish.
As you walk hold the drawing implement against the paper unrolling as you move.
The drawing implement will make marks on the paper recording the rhythm or your movement.
When the paper comes to an end turn the paper around and create a second line.
Unroll the page and cut into sections, then reassemble however you wish.
You can use a viewfinder to isolate a pleasing section.
 Use this as inspiration for a stitch sample......or not.

Notice her wicked little aside!


Friday, 10 July 2020

Susie Vickery's Stitch Club.

Carol signed up to the Stitch club organised by
This last month it was set by Susie Vickery and entailed creating a sampler using of all things plastic waste!
We think Carol has managed an amazing sampler.She said it was created using 1" strips of plastic bags and a clementine net.Should you wish to have a go she recommends using the thinnest plastic bags ,loose ,open weave fabric and a large eye chenille needle.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Trees as inspiration.

Sally has been in the midst of having some work done at home which has kept her away from her work desk. However, with it all done, the house back to normal and a clear desk she got back to creating.

Last year she did a drawing course over three weeks with RWA, here in Bristol.It was looking at and drawing trees.

The original drawings have been taken and manipulated on her tablet ,before being printed on fabric.

She has then worked into them with free machine stitch.They form the pages of a book.They have a lovely, dream like quality to them.

Creative prompt 3

Liz set the third prompt .It was to create a postcard size piece of a favourite place.It could be created with fabric, collage ,drawing but should contain an element of stitch.

Deryll chose Louchrigg Tarn in Cumbria.A calm and beautiful place she visited with her husband.

 Not surprisingly a few used their garden as a favourite place.






A favourite beach in Borth,Wales they have spent a week each year.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Debby's selection.

Debby's first prompt, above ,is a work in progress.She painted in watercolour then  used the end of a broken paintbrush to apply ink.She admitted that time seems to fly so quickly and that she is so busy it hasn't been finished.There is stitch and the object still to add.

She has a new set of watercolours and has been revelling in working with them,
taking the time to do lots of drawing and painting practice.She is toying with sending the best of them for digital printing so she can work into them with stitch.Judging by this one they will be stunning.

Doing some research into Alma Thomas ,the first African American female art graduate, prompted this piece. She was categorised as a colour field artist and was interested in Pointillism.She painted a piece in homage  to Matisse's 'Snail',as she believed he was influenced by African art.Debby says it reminds her of an African textile and references Gees Bend Quilts.Maybe we need to go look it up.Debby enjoyed doing this but says  it was harder than it looked.

She has returned to comforting and well loved techniques while in lockdown Using what she has at home .A good recommendation as we all have so much .Here she has worked organically filling in the gaps as she goes, and using a kebab stick to open the eyelet holes.As Debby teaches different groups she has tried to keep them going with techniques and ideas.One new to her is making instructional videos, showing step by step to her pupils.She admits it was a steep learning curve and acknowledges the help given by Mr.B!

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Plant pot.

         Deryll has been gradually using spare fabrics to create a textured piece
            with a particular purpose in mind.

She has used a variety of ways to add interest

using stitch ,both hand and machine.

Creating braids and patches and joining into a long wide strip.

She has added a binding top and bottom

some lovely detailing.

before figuring out how to attach a bottom.

The final article ,a very unique and individual plant pot holder.There is room for a saucer inside to catch the drips.We think she has made a lovely job of it.