Sunday, 22 September 2019


Sally was away in Tibet for our last meeting so we were treated to a look at her travel diary

this time.Packed as usual with her lovely observations in drawings, photos and words.

She had even pressed some flowers.She said they had been lucky to see a blue Tibetan poppy in flower .It dies once it seeds and is only able to grow above 12,000ft.

She purchased this purse while there ,which is worn on a belt and holds very little!

Amber ,coral and turquoise are used in these pieces usually.It is quite weighty to carry about.

They travelled about in cars on good roads as evidenced by her sketches in a concertina book, done as they sped along.

As usual she collected lots of ephemera and now has to decided how it will be used in new work.A scroll perhaps?

Friday, 20 September 2019

September's slim pickings.

This month we had very little to show after our busy year with exhibitions

Jenn chose to bring along her best bits from our play-day.She had used some stencils and homemade stamps to print on a variety of papers, keeping to a limited palette.

She had printed on both sides of an A3 page of a sturdy sketchbook.It was then folded and cut into a zigzag book.There is the possibility of adding some of her bits from the first image and maybe adding in some stitch.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Monoprinting playday.

After the hectic year we have had with exhibitions,

it was time for a little self indulgent play.

We hired our usual hall, brought along paints, papers, fabric, rollers ,stamps

and experimented with Monoprinting.

Jane showed how to play with drawing with rollers and work over Gesso to create some interesting marks.

Jenn gave some ideas as to how a Gelli plate is used to create layers and not finished prints.The fun comes later auditioning and selecting out.

Everyone was then encouraged to experiment at their own pace.Here are some of the results.......

It was commented at one point in the day, that our meetings are generally not this quiet!
It will be interesting to see if lessons learned today will feed into future work.It was lovely to have no pressure to produce something finished .

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Anni Albers

After being inspired by the Anni Albers exhibition back in January Jane has been experimenting with her machine .
She has played with colour mixes of threads to create woven textures on a canvas background 30x20inches in size.She has worked on white with overlays allowing the eye to colour mix, a little like Seurat and pointillism.

She has not quite decided if she needs to add in touches of white ,we'll wait and see the verdict.


Liz ,as is normal for her ,has been busy with several things involving numerous groups and venues.The piece above, and bottom  relates to beach combing and gathering .

As well as contributing a piece to "Messages "at UWE she and Debby Pawle had their own stand."Gatherers"If you came you will have seen this piece above but in its finished state.the jeans were found pushed behind some rocks.......some Mum will have been bemused as to where they had gone! 

She was also lucky to find some old and rusted saw blades which were discarded in an old shed.

They have been wrapped in tea and Khadi paper to create this effect.

Two more delicious results.

After the successs of the Eco stand at the NEC there are possibilities in the offing of another outing at Cowslip workshops April7-13th ,and even more exciting a trip tp exhibit in Moscow!

Sunday, 1 September 2019


Sue had been away on holiday.She had taken herself off on a cruise visiting Spitzbergen, among other places.

She had enjoyed sailing along the coast ,seeing lots of wild flowers 

and glaciers.Instead of taking lots of photographs and hiding behind a camera, she chose to fill a book with evocative drawings and notes.She put to use some of the things she learnt on her drawing course to St. Ives earlier in the year.We wonder if this will infiltrate into her work in the future.

Deryll ,meanwhile, had been working on a sea of her own.

Fired up by her successful Fracking piece she had been seeking to use the mound of plastic she had collected.

She has cut and snipped and twisted until she has a 'sea'.She was trying out whether she should put it into a conventional seascape and add in a sky and beach.

What do you think?

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Read carefully

Carol ,with her interest in Nature , has chosen to create a quilt about a web ,but not the one we normally refer to these days.She has pieced and quilted a birch forest, very reminiscent of those painted by Gustav Klimt, but in fabric.

Apparently trees have their own internet -Mycelium,a wood wide web, through which they interconnect and communicate.Unlike the World Wide Web it is hidden from view under the earth just beneath our feet.