Wednesday, 27 January 2021

New Shoots

Deryll has begun stitching.So far it is called Blue Landscape though it may change.She has used a variety of blue fabrics, layered and frayed before being stitched with a variety of machine stitch.Below a close-up but taken in different lighting's surprising how different they look.

Viv created some rust dyed fabrics which she has chosen to divide into narrow strips.These have been woven together to provide a base and background .To this she has added appliqué and stitch of a cheerful stand of red poppies.

Jenn has continued to create a tag a week following the prompts as mentioned in a previous post.

All white



Fly stitch

Who knows if she will manage to keep it up and create 52 !


Monday, 25 January 2021

Profile Pages.

 We have decided to include some individual Profile pages about each member.You will find these below the header ,clicking on a name will take you to that member's page .As they are under construction not all have been added to yet .Please be patient while we work on this new feature of the blog .

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

More Sketchbook challenge.

                                This time it's from Sally.

Starting off in the challenge Laura  encouraged ideas to start covering the pages to get beyond that blank page . Collage, stencilling ,tearing out and reattaching the pages elsewhere were just some of the techniques.

It's not until later a theme is suggested and maybe the use of a colour scheme to unify the pages .

Sally has used leaves and circles painting with watercolour.

Then picking up on her concertina work with  Karen stamper she has introduced buildings.

If you look closely the way she has used leaf veins within the shapes is very subtle.

The book can be added to and Laura suggests ways to edit anything that does not work so the sketchbook is able to change and is rarely static.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

New beginnings 2021.

   The start of the year finds us once again in Lockdown ,this the Third time since the covid 19 virus hit.As last year it is affecting being able to meet so Zoom has come to the rescue.Who'd have thought so many people would be connecting through technology but it has been a way of seeing ,and speaking to others who are out of bounds because of the restrictions.

We had our first meeting today with an agenda for the first time in almost a year.As a group, despite the restrictions , we have things to discuss ,adjust and plan for. Last time we met just before a planned  exhibition in Nature In Art.......sadly it never happened.As one of our tenets is to exhibit each year it has been difficult to keep up the momentum of producing work with nothing to look forward for. Like other creatives we need to be 'fed' so we have joined online classes ,followed instagram and given each other challenges.As good as these have been there is nothing that replaces the deadline of an exhibition.

In the absence of work being prepared for an exhibition we will continue to bring you what we have been producing, it may eventually appear in some public space in the future or not.We hope you enjoy connecting with us.

Laura Kemshall offered a sketchbook challenge on Designmatters TV prior to Christmas with eight different videos to watch. 


Viv joined up and has been gradually adding to her A6 sketchbook .Here are just a small selection of pages.The good thing about the challenge is it can be dipped into at will ,and endlessly experimented with.

Viv has chosen leaves as her focus and added mixed media in colour and pens well as collage, print and stitch.

Jenn found a challenge on
She has run a few over this last year of which this is the latest .
hashtag 52tagshannemade on Instagram.
The idea is to create a tag book with a  page for every week of the year.
The first 'all white'Below is the one Jenn created.

She has also been doing The Sketchbook Challenge with mugs and jugs.

It is important to keep the brain and body  active.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Did you guess the maker?












We appear to be short of one ,is it Carol's ? Did it arrive ?


Friday, 11 December 2020

Our handmade Christmas cards.

As we were only able to have our Christmas get together on Zoom, we were unable to exchange cards by our normal method.We usually put them in a basket then pass them around for one to be picked at random by everyone in turn.This year we were allocated a person on a list, then they had to be posted, hopefully in time for the meeting.Some did not arrive on time and through some confusion with the list one person sent two of her lovely cards to different recipients.Can you guess who ?

These are the cards so far sent and received the others will be added as and when, and the makers revealed.



Sunday, 6 December 2020

December days.

 Back in September Ira moved all the way up to Scotland to live.A long way  from the mild winters of the South West.
True to form the snow came this week, at least for a little while.
Her grandchildren, delighted to have a snow day , hot-footed around to hers, cleared her path and steps  and built a snowman before it all melted away.Here he is looking a little the 'worse for wear'

and later on 'decidedly worse for wear '! Could the empty bottles have anything to do with it?

Ira wanted to send everyone

All the very best Greetings from Scotland.