Wednesday, 30 August 2017

More CROWD and some print.

                                      Ira has completed her piece for Crowd at NiA.

                         Details above and below, showing her fabric with paint ,               
stitch,applied cords and sparkles.It will be really interesting to see these alongside their inspiration.

At UWE this coming weekend Ira will be demonstrating one of her favourite techniques,simple print and stitch

Here she has prepared some samples,both use the same hand made print block
but look quite different one from the other.

The choice of colour and stitch technique offer a variety that plays to the creative mind.She uses acrylic paints,the bottom example has metallic copper which adds another dimension.

In this piece she has used a marbling technique on the papers before adding them to a background fabric ,then she has commenced to build up the surface with lots and lots of stitch.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


With our Nature in Art exhibition coming up everyone is working on or completing their pieces.Viv has finished her trees piece inspired by a mirror in the collection.It looks stunning with devore and stitches such as Fly and applied cords.The detail below ,but it looks even better in life.

Jane has completed her pieces and had some framed .

Her inspiration has continued to bear fruit .She used her birds as the motif on a lino printing course she took recently.

They are marching around this tea towel,we loved the colour and their attitude!

They sit nicely on this bag.We thought they would adapt well into stitched badges like those she sells on Etsy.This bird has been stitched an is awaiting mounting on a canvas.

Marilyn ,meanwhile has been auditioning weaving techniques to interpret her chosen Origami piece.

It will be long and thin with double sided pleats.

She told us it would be woven using two shuttles and using some of the Japanese paper yarn we bought last year from Mayumi  Kaneko. In this case dyed by Marilyn.The samples look amazing,just imagine the finished version.You need to visit in November.

Thursday, 24 August 2017


Carol had been involved in lots of diverse activities.Her brother had made a request for a 'push me pull you 'and as Carol has lots of skills and can turn her hand to lots of things she adapted a Llama pattern and gave it two heads!

Next were her very well put together bird related key and handbag fobs and brooches.Theses were used to brilliant effect on National Stitch Day at the  museum.Children and adults had great fun making some to take away.

She had had an experiment with different fancy yarns on the embellisher producing these effective little samples.

Her next foray had been into Eco dyeing with Lizzie Godden on an Embroiderers Guild workshop.

They had wrapped and steamed leaves in fabric

 and Khadi paper 

and used Logwood and iron to produce a purple.

They had also 'Shibori'd 'fabrics soaking them in Soya milk and 

including iron in the water.

We have to say we thought there were some stunning effects.

and one more thing some ribbon chiffon roses 'a la Janet Haigh'

As Carol's daughter is getting married later in the year these might well feature somewhere.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Exciting app!

Sally started documenting her garden back in the Spring in a zig zag book.

She had let it lapse due to demands from trips away and getting work together for Nature in Art.Now that work is at the  framers she has turned her attention back to the garden book.

She had discovered an app for her tablet called Paper Artist which she was so excited about.It is similar to Photoshop and she had used her drawings to play with the filters.Then the print-outs have been collaged and combined with them.It gives a lovely result as you can see from the first picture.We await developments.

She showed us this lovely Ikat silk stole brought back for her from Uzbekistan.The fringe shows how the silk has been dyed before being woven.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

August meeting

We met at Jenn's, bringing all our work in preparation for the SouthWest Quilt and Textiles show 1-3 September.
We had a lively meeting with much to report and lots to look at.

Deryll had completed her piece for our Nature in Art exhibition .You can just see her inspiration from the CROWD objects at her feet.

She is planning a second ,as you can see above,with a detail below.The colours and shapes have captured the essence of the ceramic without slavishly copying.It is really successful.

As an aside,she had been sorting through some things and happened upon this little pouch.Some years ago she had decided to recycle the foil packets from pills in her own unique way.She had produced a dress and this little pouch is a reminder.Not sure if we still have a record of the dress.