Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday 11th-Sunday13th 2016.

Just a reminder that you can come and see us at the above show.Lots of other exhibitors and plenty of retail therapy on offer.

Black ,white and shades of grey.

Jane's eldest daughter has left for university.

and guess what this is?A lovingly made quilt for her room.

Whenever Debby goes shopping she manages to turn up some lovely things.This apron is no exception,sorry but my memory fails who it was made it.

it is hand dyed fabric which has been printed all over with thermofax screens.It is just lovely and a great idea,but who would want to wear it to get covered in paint? it's one of those drool over items we all covet.

Indigo and Jane Callender.

Liz spent many ,many hours organising a workshop with Jane Callender in August. She had been eagerly anticipating it for a while but then found that she 

was too ill to attend both days.The above are some of the results created ,Debby attended too.They were given lots of techniques to try out,Jane has written book that has now been published.Indigo is so magical.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Sally has an eye for objects.She had been drawing from some in her possession.We loved this page in her sketchbook.

We thought the objects would make lovely  piece of work mounted together.The colours and textures are so wonderful.

If you haven't been to the RWA Autumn exhibition then do go along as you will see a piece by Sally,one of her scrolls.It is so exciting for them to finally be recognising textile art ! 

Thursday, 13 October 2016


This is a photo heavy post showing how we created order out of chaos.

It took quite a number of hours and you can see by the time we were done it was dark outside.

Apologies for the light in some of the photos.

We have been open for three days now and have had some lovely visitors and very good feedback.We hope to welcome lots more of you soon.