Friday, 28 August 2015

Little landscapes.

Debby brought some landscape pieces she was working on.She has used a variety of fibres and threads to build the background.

This one is further along the process .The layering continues by adding in detailing of fore,middle and background.Using wisps of fibre to delineate features such as trees and bushes.

Along the same lines Deryll has created little framed pieces,but she has painted the background before adding stitch.This has 
French knots.

Not sure what stitch she used here but they are effective.

Can you see it?

Jane had been working into this piece.She had used a thermofax screen to print the lines.It reminded us of her 'Pylon' work ?She had added stitch in yellows and white of tumbling triangles.

She was dissatisfied as they just seemed to disappear into the ground.As it was passed around it changed according to the light.

Lying on the sofa back between Jane and Patricia,you can actually pick out the triangles as a lighter yellow.Intriguing!


Patricia brought lots of embroidery rings filled with beautifully worked embroideries.

These follow on from the workshop she and Carol did a few months ago .Some have been done in vibrant colour using stitches and embellishments to add more texture.

Some are more experimental utilizing stitched paper and added paint.

Others rely on neutral threads,ribbons and fibres.A real lesson in how stitchery can create an impact.

In the same vein ,Sue had added to her embroidery .Her stitches meander across the surface

And variety comes in the thickness of the thread.Embellishments are natural in the form of beach finds.

She had also turned up this piece which mirrors a lot of the above but worked on paper,with added fibres.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

'Summer' workshop.

We decided a little while ago we should like a two day workshop exploring some different techniques and ideas.Not everyone was able to come but nine of us have just spent two enjoyable days in Long Ashton.

The photos can tell the story of what we achieved......

Thursday, 20 August 2015

August already.

We were fewer in number because of holidays,family commitments but there was still plenty to talk about.
Marilyn kicked off the 'Show and Tell ' with a sample made recently at a weavers' gathering.This first picture is a band woven with the different colours showing on either side.Marilyn had ideas of mounting on canvass a picec for exhibition.We weren't sure it would showcase it to its best.

The following pictures show the sample,which was yards long.Each different weave is labelled with the type.

It is amazing how each different type of weave changes the character of the cloth.

The colours seem to change too.

Just changing the set up slightly makes such a difference.

Look at these colours,below,These belong to Viv and are so similar to Marilyn's choices.

Viv had been asked to create one of her flower embroideries to commission.She had spent a fruitful time dyeing fabrics and threads in a microwave.She had used Acud dyes,aren't the results stunning.

The piece is absolutely ravishing,lucky,lucky recipient.

She had been to visit family in Norway,where they had had some Summer weather.Viv worked in her sketch-book to record flowers in a wild meadow.Good timing ,as a day later it was mowed!

She also made some lovely line drawings of plants we consider to be weeds.They are so delicate.Who was it said a weed is just a plant in the wrong place?