Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Gum arabic transfer.


As you know Jenn did a collagraph course with Sue Brown in Cheltenham which she really enjoyed .One of the techniques that Sue uses in her work is Gum Arabic Transfer.The last session before Christmas Sue very generously shared her technique.

It is a brilliant way of transferring images to paper ,fabric ,sketchbooks.You use a photocopy or laser printed copy,gum arabic, oil based ink and a water spray.It has possibilities for transferring own drawings to work on.The top image shows a transfer onto a print and the bottom one onto some black organdie cotton fabric.The results are good as there is no faffing about rubbing paper off the surface you attach to and the hand of the fabric isn't altered.A technique to explore.

If you have a look at the blog Sue has posted some pictures of a recent two day workshop using this technique.

Versatility and Kirsten.

Kirsten seems able to turn her hand to most creative techniques.This is something she produced from some wrappings today.

The fabric is stretched across the frame like a batik would be and she has hand drawn the design with a white  fine line pen.

It will be interesting to see how it develops.Will it be painted,'ll have to check back to see.

She had been using her skills with needle -felt to fashion this Orang-tang.He's handsome.......just missing some wild fur .

These next felt pieces are some sampling done to find ways of making shapes within the felt pieces.

This brick like sample was really three dimensional ,though the photo doesn't show it well.

This is the same way as the top sample using marbles but the tops have been cut to reveal the multi layers inside.We wonder how these techniques will manifest themselves?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Works in progress---nature themes

Despite being a bit unsure about our workshop back in August Deryll has been persevering with the results from her day.She is thinking about arranging these into a piece.Whether she wanted or not we played around with placement and made suggestions as to ways to expand.We think these are so successful and liked the plain fabric leaves she had added.

This is her 'Neutral 'stitched piece for our challenge ,they are all going to be so different.It will be interesting to see them all arranged together.

Sally has a 'Bird of Paradise' and it is in flower.She has done drawings and taken photographs of the various stages and is now beginning to explore to give her stitched pieces.She saw a different variety in America which is very much larger and grows into tree size.
I also need to correct my mistake on her 'Neutrals' piece from last month.She is taking her inspiration from looking at ice rather than snow clad mountains! I should have known.

Viv had brought this piece ,in its infancy, to a meeting at Sue's together with her drawings and inspiration .It has quietly been worked on until its reveal.It deserves a really close look with its array of fabrics and stitchery.Such close attention and detail.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Sumptuous surfaces.

Patricia had been reviewing some past samples and brought along some beauties for us.Remember her large hangings at Sidcot?This looks like a rich vein for her to explore ,she puts things together so well.

Book to dip into for ideas and inspiration.The cover is very tactile and even the surface is folded and ridged.

Lots going on here ,the fabric has been tucked and manipulated ,silk apple over before the addition of beads and stitch.

She had also unearthed a quilt she had made from two of her batiks.

The grey is a beautiful foil.

Sally commented that it was a shame to hide one batik at the back ,why not make two  quilts  to celebrate the uniqueness of them both.

We anticipate more sumptuous exploration of surfaces.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Post -Christmas

Debby started the 'Show and Tell ' with this piece she had found while sorting out.

She also brought some of her presents from South Africa from her son.

Using furnishing fabric ,cords and commercial beads these are made for tourists.Great idea for recycling and making without spending too much.It also picks up on the beads and necklaces we saw last month.

Carol has decided to take a class in patchwork to broaden her understanding of how it is done.As far as we are concerned she is clever enough and skilled enough to run her own class.Some of us shudder at the thought of trying to cut accurately and get corners to meet!

She explained that this above is how "Disappearing Nine Patch "is done.
First you cut out nine squares of equal size and stitch four together,then you cut a square from these so that you have a small square,a larger square and two rectangles the four fabrics.I'm not sure that was very well put ....but if you look at the photo I'm sure you'll get the gist.I think these are then pieced together to make a larger block,thus disappearing the original nine.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

NEUTRALS.........What is neutral?

'In colour theory ,a colour which is neither warm nor cool.Such colours result from the combination of two complementary colours ( such as red and green,blue and orange,and yellow and purple) The term neutral colour is also sometimes applied to colours not included in the colour wheel and not associated with a hue,such as browns.blacks greys and whites'.

 taken from Art colours:Glossary of Terms

You might be wondering why are we concerning ourselves with this definition.We  have set ourselves a challenge for a joint piece for our next has been given a piece of linen and we are to stitch it using a neutral palette.This has generated quite a bit of discussion about what is neutral.Do you have a view or definition ?
Sally and Liz have begun their pieces ,below.Sally has machine stitched hers,based on snowy mountain peaks

Liz has stitched into increasing circles.,we said it was unconsciously thinking about tree rings!

At the South West Quilt show,held at UWE, Liz had a stand .She demonstrated Alice Fox's eco-dyeing on fabric and Khadi paper .During the three days she produced a lot of pieces .This is what she has used them to produce.

Piecing together 

adding Kantha like stitchery.

And these are the papers,probably destined for books and cards.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A little woven magic.

Marilyn had been weaving her magic again.She wasn't satisfied with this ,above ,but we couldn't see anything but good with it .The colours were very subtle and the weave amazing.

These were based on the photo we saw last time,beautifully soft shades of peach and lavender.

Lots of lovely samples of different weaves.We thought they could be framed as individual little squares of loveliness.I think Marilyn's work will be featured in a calendar,more next time.

Update on progress.

Carol ,Sally and Debby brought their workshop pieces from Wendy Dolan's workshop.They had been adding to them.All three have produced a lovely piece,it was voted a very good workshop by a very professional and experienced tutor.Looks like there is mileage in this idea.Her book was in evidence for us tp peruse too.

Jane had worked on her pieces from last time and decided to mount them on the backing but not flat.Not really easy to see in this photos but the yellow stitched piece stands away from the background.It's much better "in the flesh"

More from Jane,I think.She likes to keep throws for her sofa and this is a new one she has been working on.A lovely colour palette and fiendishly difficult triangular patches expertly put together.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Quilts galore.

Carol and Debby had entered the Quilters Guild challenge to produce a quilt relating to some aspect of Bristol.You can see the back and front of Carol's appliqu├ęd quilt,above and below.Hers cleverly spells out BRISTOL with her landmarks .

 A little aside to show you her necklace created from Kaffe Fassett ribbons,as inspired by Janet Haigh's book.

And Debby's quilt using the famous cranes outside M shed as her inspiration.She painted hers before stitching to add details.

Can you guess who did this? Kirsten ...... lucky recipients were being given them instead of Christmas cards.

She too ,had been making quilts.

This was destined for a gift

and these just because she could!Aren't they fun?

Finally ,a little look at 

some teeny quilts.These are made for the premature baby unit at Southmead and each is given to the family to take home.This is just a taster as there were a lot.Debby had had a making session!