Friday, 17 July 2015

Arty ideas

Sue had been given some art materials and she had been using them to create some art work.

I think this was with some chalk pastels and inspired by her garden.

This was some crumpled brown paper with added inks,I think.This is a lovely technique producing some leather -like paper especially if it is painted with acrylic wax and crumpled some more.It makes for a good book cover.

Viv had been doing the same ,as we saw in an earlier post though she had added some gold highlights.

Jenn had spent a very wet morning in the Central reference library with a book by Bertel Bager. He had photographed seed pods and since this is something Jenn is wanting to research she had a lovely time.

Back at home she went into her garden and collected several seed pods to work from.

She used a variety of media to experiment with ,including  drawing,print and 3-dimensional with wire,paper and threads. 

There is a lot more to come but she is having lots of fun indulging herself in some of her favourite techniques!

Carol had also been exploring 3-dimensions with her crochet techniques,they look very complicated but very textural.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Sally had been sailing around the northern coastline and across to Iceland.

From the sea she was taken with the rock formations seen in Iceland and had sketched on long thin sheets of paper .

Her sketches capture the colours and strata of the rock.

There is plenty of inspiration to be mined here.