Tuesday, 29 January 2013

From Viv

Stuck for what to do for new cards, I have been playing around with chopped wool;  I made a cold water "sandwich" of chopped wool, stitched over it with the machine, and then added things to it.  It could become an idea for my next piece...at least I now have a few cards made.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Very lucky we went to Twigworth on Thursday, as the following day Bristol and Ashton Park looked like this!  Stunningly beautiful.
I also want to show you my piece of tapestry that has taken me 5 winters to make, using up old wools which made no impression on the bag.


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Prickly Pear goes to Twigworth

Jane, Sally and Viv went to Twigworth today to finalize arrangements for the exhibition, "Exploring the Natural World", braving the cold weather. Sally had brought along the now finished "Prickly Pear" for our comments, and we found a little corner in the museum where it could be looked at, squashed, twisted and generally manhandled.  The tree is the one that "Forecast" will hang from, and then there's a view of the surrounding fields!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

January meeting.

We met in Portishead overlooking the estuary, which was brooding and unwelcoming ,on this January day.Everyone had come prepared with something to show,despite Christmas intervening since last we met.The main topic for discussion was the upcoming exhibition at Nature in Art in Gloucestershire.

 Bobby had some little gems of cut back applique based on Celtic motifs.
Sally brought along her "prickly pear "piece accompanied by an accordion book.

Eira had four related pieces based on landscape.
Sue,our hostess,produced this vibrant silk piece and some seductive embellished pieces.
Viv brought along her wedding veil which caused much excitement as to how she might recycle it!
 As we were departing Liz produced a frame for each of us and issued a challenge to fill it ....watch this space.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Making a New Leaf

Happy New Year Everyone
It is usual at this time of the year to make a resolution or turn over a new leaf - I am combining the two and making a new leaf.

1. Sandwich 2 layers of polycottton with a layer of terylene wadding in the middle.
Draw the leaf shape on fine paper and tack all together. Include the veins and the stalk

2. Stitch round the leaf shape using a straight stitch on the machine.
Tear off the paper and stitch round the shape again using a narrow zig zag. Include the stalk.

3. Cut round the leaf shape - including the stalk.
Stitch round the shape again using a wide zig zag - including the stalk.

4. Paint the leaf - I use fabric paints on a very wet fabric and leave the colours to dry naturally so that the colours run and blend.                                                                                                    dh