Friday, 11 December 2020

Our handmade Christmas cards.

As we were only able to have our Christmas get together on Zoom, we were unable to exchange cards by our normal method.We usually put them in a basket then pass them around for one to be picked at random by everyone in turn.This year we were allocated a person on a list, then they had to be posted, hopefully in time for the meeting.Some did not arrive on time and through some confusion with the list one person sent two of her lovely cards to different recipients.Can you guess who ?

These are the cards so far sent and received the others will be added as and when, and the makers revealed.



Sunday, 6 December 2020

December days.

 Back in September Ira moved all the way up to Scotland to live.A long way  from the mild winters of the South West.
True to form the snow came this week, at least for a little while.
Her grandchildren, delighted to have a snow day , hot-footed around to hers, cleared her path and steps  and built a snowman before it all melted away.Here he is looking a little the 'worse for wear'

and later on 'decidedly worse for wear '! Could the empty bottles have anything to do with it?

Ira wanted to send everyone

All the very best Greetings from Scotland.

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Daily (almost)acts of stitching for November.

Jenn decided she should try to do some stitch everyday throughout November.She had had some small pieces of indigo dyed khaki cotton for a while .When used previously they had stained her hands blue so before beginning they were washed and dried, this solved the problem.

She chose just to use straight stitches, couching and appliqué so as to make it simple.

Patches were added on as and when necessary.

The colours used were dictated by the indigo ground and some small pieces of silk left from work done for Nature In Art a few years ago.