Saturday, 28 May 2016

Wildlife and nature.

This little selection above were produced after Debby's print workshop.She ran a session on collograph printing with some of GTA.She turned her samples into a handy little purse and a print ready for framing.

 This delightful piece is one of her batiks.She gave a very interesting talk about how she happened on this technique the other week to Bristol Embroiderers Guild.

One of her bugs ready and framed for sale in the recent Art trail.She picked up these frames in town ,at what used to be the Bridewell, but is now an arts space.

Finally, Deryll's trademark couronne rings have been put to use in her neutrals challenge piece.These are all coming along and are so very different one from another.It will create an interesting talking point.

New Inspiration.

First up is Ira's 'neutral' embroidery hoop challenge piece.It is 

covered in tiny French knots and the crescent voids,which show the original fabric ground,are embellished with tiny beads.It is staggering the amount of work she has put into it.

Why is Ira holding up a large blank piece you might ask......well there is an answer? While on a trip to Scotland she came across a ceramicist who created work which struck a chord with her .She has

an idea to create large scale book forms.

These are some initial mock-ups of her ideas.

And the large blank the size she is going to work to.The artist who started Ira off on this new vein is Lotte Glob.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


Sally has finished her hanging based on her strelizia. She has watched each flower from bud to full flower and faithfully reproduced each stage but in fabric and stitch.

She was so delighted to have her machine serviced and to discover it stitching better than ever she enjoyed stitching the above piece.

and this ,trying out her automatic stitch patterns.We thought she had lots to develop and have more pieces for October.