Thursday, 17 January 2019

2019 is going to be a BUSY year!

After our disappointment of preparing for exhibitions last year that had to be postponed, this year will be a whirlwind !
Bristol Guild have offered us a date April into May,Newark Park is fully open and we will be there in June and to round off we will once again be at UWE in August.We will be very busy bees preparing new work ,this gives a frisson of excitement but also apprehension as the months tick by so very alarmingly.
Keep checking back for how we progress.

The period up to Christmas is often a fallow one as other things take precedence.Viv has been busy cataloguing her Miao pieces for eventual handover to the museum.She brought along several as this will be one of our last opportunities to handle them.

The work is so very small and intricate that we viewed them through a magnifying glass.

We wondered how they managed to fold the tiny triangles .

The piece below on the left is bound with raffia to pleat the fabric for the indigo dyed skirts.

The colours of the exquisite embroidery sing out 

and are so finely stitched.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

More offerings

She had been looking at the design of a cushion in Newark Park and has been making drawings from it. Some of these are transferred to layout paper which she has pinned on to a background of coffee-dyed calico. 

Jane had been experimenting with a bamboo duster that had been washed in her washing machine, ending up as a lacy, delicate fabric. On to this she was laying images of insects, machine-embroidered on to silk hankies, to see how the two could combine. 

Anne Coleman, a former GTA member, came to join us for the Christmas lunch and brought this wonderful painted and drawn zig-zag book she had been working on, which describes all that she sees from her balcony high above the Downs. We loved it!   

Deryll had been doing Kasia's Advent Calendar (see Carol's in previous Post) and these are some of the pages from hers:

She had also remembered a way of making Christmas cards taught in City and Guilds by Mary Youles and brought a sheet of them to show us.