Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Fabric printing and Through the Looking Glass.

Debby brought along a length of fabric she had Contrado print from one of her pieces.

It was really lovely ,the colours were so beautiful and the fabric so soft.She had chosen silk georgette .

She had recently taken part in a workshop run by Stef  Francis.They had layered sheer fabrics then had to use masking tape to section areas from the centre.The masking tape was removed as each section was worked,ending with the final outer section to reveal the final piece.Debby was debating whether to add the Indian lace at either corner.

She decided to use a similar idea for her 'challenge piece'.It looks like she couldn't resist the lure of Stef Francis threads .Her eyelet stitch is very effective.

The Bristol Quilters Guild had a talk and workshop given by Mandy Pattullo. Debby along with Carol and Liz took the workshop.Debby has used her favorite birds in hers.They  worked on pieces of vintage quilt,adding hand turned appliqué and hand stitch.A lab our of love as no bondaweb or machine stitch  was allowed!


Jenn has been continuing to explore ways to interpret her chosen seed pod theme.

She has had fun using tyvek and wire,paper pulp and wire,and knitting on four needles with paper yarn.

She has had various attempts to construct 3D shapes from calico,cotton organdie and silk fibres.

Her latest effort involved a paper pattern for a storage pod !

She also took some Romeo and free machined across its surface before dissolving and moulding  around an empty chocolate container.

The time is coming when she will have to stop exploring and finalise her pieces fot the autumn show.

We ask you to save the dates and come see us in some new venues for us.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Rich assortment.

Marilyn has a new computer programme for weaving.The above is a sampler ! She is working her way through the patterns.The bronze and purple colour way in the bottom right of the picture has such a beautiful sheen.

Viv is beginning work on a new piece.She has coffee dyed the fabric and intends to use her seed head prints with it .Her other piece was so successful,we're sure this will be too.

Sue,meanwhile has been raiding her button box.She has taken another tack with our neutral challenges and has used neutral buttons in her piece.It looks deceptively simple but has taken a deal of skill and ingenuity to get them to create circles.

We talked about whether it was better to completely cover the ground fabric or to leave some showing.Do you have an opinion....leave a comment?

Patchwork extraordinaire .

Jane likes to try patchwork but not just everyday patchwork.

As you can see this is three dimensional in places !

She does do other patchwork too.I'm not sure but I think this is for her daughter who is raising funds for a trip with Tearfund. Go to Just giving Katie O'Leary if you want to contribute .

This is the piece Jane was working on using Mistyfuse.She has stitched into it and now finished it.


Liz is a member of various groups and she exhibits with them.This means she is always in the midst of an exhibition,creating work for one or preparing ideas for the next.

 These vessels,this view from above ,were for an exhibition in 44AD gallery in Bath.They were created with silk fibres. The one at the front also includes small pieces of rusted metal,designed to impart some colour .Unfortunately they stuck fast so have become an integral ,though entirely unintentional,
 part of the vessel!

 And this quilt using some of her 'Eco dyed' fabric and indigo pieces.
She has two more exhibitions coming up this Summer,Brunel Broderers at Newark Park 
and Contemporary Quilters in Frome.
Details to be added.

Something fishy !

Kirsten has been creating creatures again.This time they hail from the deep!

 The detail she manages to get is amazing.She was in search of resources to use with a group she was teaching.These were some of her samples.
It is one thing to create likenesses in two dimensions but in three it is devilishly difficult as 360 
degrees have to be considered . Kirsten does it with ease.