Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New group.

Liz is exhibiting with this new group but be quick it's not on for long.

Rocks and rivers

Sally has completed her river journey book and is toying with starting a new one.

We suggested that as she lives very close to a river (Avon),she might consider a journey along it ! It would certainly be different than her usual river journeys.

Ira meanwhile has been continuing with her rocks,

if laid among mosses and lichens this piece could be mistaken for the real thing.

She also showed this,one of her painted and burned fabrics she has started to embellish with additions of beads and stitch.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Fabrics fun.

Liz has been very productive recently producing lots of interesting fabrics.She spent a few days at the Festival of Quilts in August doing a workshop with Leslie Morgan.These are her results.

Aren't they interesting?They were a mixture of thermofax  printing and applying paint with a credit card.
She will have lots to play with, you'll have fun spotting where she uses it!
She has continued to Eco- dye with leaves etc. from her garden.This time she trapped them between Khadi paper sheets,wrapped them in cardboard and string,then steamed for an hour.

The images are so clear,and such beautiful colours,

These little zig zag books are lovely too.
Not content with all of this fabric creation she chose one of her husband's photographs of trees,manipulated in a computer program,then sent it off to Spoonflower.

She has yards of this evocative fabric and plans already for its use.Perhaps you'll see it at Nature In Art next Easter.

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Deryll brought another of her finished pieces,framed and ready for Echoes.

It's a beautifully worked Tulip.

Jenn had gone away from last meeting and printed the fabric with her hand made blocks,added some wire ammonites and loosely assembled the layers.Finally it is fit for purpose!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Another diary date for you

      South West Textile Group
     29th Sept-25th October
      Ilminster Meeting House

Marilyn and Liz will be taking part.

Looking forward ........and back.

Marilyn had been playing with shibori and brought along this test piece.

It is a woven piece which has been pleated ,tied and dyed in indigo,I think.We look forward to seeing more.She also showed us some of her woven fabrics made up into bags.

Jane had found this illustration,she intends to use it for inspiration for her poppy piece.

I think she said it came from an early 20th. century seed catalogue,so in keeping with the period.
Her thoughts are turning towards new pieces and she showed us this

It's  the beginning of a design she is working to digitize on her very complicated machine.It won't look like this when she has finished.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Debby had used some photos of a poppy field,might even be the one in Failand earlier this Summer,and had worked some stitching into them.


She had different versions framed and was undecided as to which was the most appropriate for our Poppy display in Echoes.

One was much more sombre than this one .It's amazing what a different coloured mount can do.

She also brought this framed piece of St Ives 

It is very recognisably ' Debby' with its Cornish blues and yellows.She also brought along a drop-cloth from one of her workshops.She said she very often has small amounts of paint or dye left that she is reluctant to waste.Instead of tipping away she throws them at the cloth,leaves overnight and is often pleasantly surprised at what greets her the following day.

Not a good photo but you get the idea.It will be interesting to revisit this after she has had a play.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Thread of living things

We have been following Carol's progress with her scientifically based piece.This month she had done masses of hand stitching and had completed two of the three panels.

These additions are works of loveliness and would stand as pieces in their own right.

Imagine them all together in a panel .Come along and see them in their entirety you will be delighted.

You've seen this one before but Marilyn remarked how she found it reminded her of .........Grommitt.
Now try as we might that's who it represents.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sold already?

Patricia brought along some of the pieces she intends to display at Sidcot.

     delicious stitched textures and encrusted with beads.

Colours of lichens on stone,adorned with silk,lace and semi-precious stones.

Designed to adorn the neck of the lucky wearer.

This is one piece that might disappear before it arrives !

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dates for your diaries.

 For followers of Ira put these dates in your diary-

21st September -17th November.

She will be exhibiting with three other artists at Cheng Kim Lowe Gallery at Slimbridge.

The West Bristol Arts Trail runs from 11-12 th October.You can catch  Patricia at
2 Sion Lane Clifton BS8 4BE.

Liz and Marilyn will be exhibiting with South West Textile Artists at Ilminster Arts Centre from
29th September-25th October.

September and all systems set to go.......

'We met at Liz's house this month,the idea being we would collect together the work ready for Echoes,if it was ready!
Kirsten is still deliberating and brought along several samples and ideas of work that May or may not make it into exhibition.

A large scissors felted and stitched,

Some very detailed lino cuts of scissors printed on fabric,

And some rather  beautiful 'things with wings '.What would you choose? You'll have to come along and visit us to see what makes it into the show.

If you come along on Saturday 4th October you'll have the chance to meet many of us.

During the week there'll be demonstrations by several members too.

Wednesday 8th October.     Liz Hewitt

Thursday 9th October.         Marilyn Burton
                                          Kirsten Hill-Nixon

Friday 10 th October.           Ira Wood

Saturday 11th October.        Debby Bird.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Some oddments.

I forgot to include these when reporting on Sally and Viv's contributions this month.......sorry.
Viv also brought along some fabric she had dyed and intends to use for our Nature In Art exhibition next Easter.If you remember her flowers pieces from the Guild then watch out for how she transforms these.

Sally ,meanwhile had completed her 'river journey'.She decided to hand stitch the border after all as it looked less mechanical.

We have just one more get together before 'Echoes ' opens.We do hope you will come if you can get there.Here are the details you'll need.