Thursday, 28 February 2019

Don't show the pins!

Ira is working on a piece inspired by a wall made from Wattle and Daub.

As usual there are multiple layers of fabric painted ,pieced and stitched

As it is in  progress you would expect that there will be much auditioning and repositioning before everything is to Ira's satisfaction.It is why you can see the pins.........she was scandalised to think of leaving them on view! 

Ira doesn't like being without some project so is working towards a solo exhibition in Slimbridge this Spring.One piece is framed and ready to join the others she has in progress. Busy, busy, lady.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

The delights of cotton organdie.

Jenn has an exhibition',Telling Tales', with Stitch textile Artists in Ilminster Arts Centre from Monday April 8th -Saturday April 27th.She has been working on her pieces for a while ,the wall hanging is finally done.She has used words and seed pods on a theme of growth.There are also some three dimensional pods which will accompany it.

She loves the properties of cotton organdie and has put it to use in her work for our Bristol Guild exhibition starting on Saturday April 27th.The title for this is Viewpoints and Jenn has taken her ideas from people in coffee shops.Using overheard snippets of conversations and quick drawings from life.So far she has created teacups and saucers machine embroidered with the 'conversations'

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Just flowers.

Isn't this glorious? It's even better in life.Viv has been working on it and now it is off to be framed .Viv had been thinking about Messages and had found a whole pile of jeans pockets she had salvaged years ago when using old denim to create a Miao style jacket .She wondered if she might turn them into her piece of work by backing the pockets and inviting visitors to secret messages in them.This theme is certainly provoking some "thinking outside the box"

Carol ,meanwhile ,has begun to work on her piece for Newark.

With the postponement, due to the leak she put it on the back burner.But now we shall be at Newark during June she has to get on and complete it .Her inspiration comes from some textiles kept in a drawer in the Laura Ashley room.She is going to cover some chairs she picked up.

She has been producing some of her delightful cards for the Embroiderers Guild exhibition.These will fly out the door.

They are ideal for putting in a small frame ,a thoughtful and original present for someone special?

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Exhibition season.........

Several of our members will be exhibiting this coming weekend with Bristol Embroiderers in their Biennial Exhibition.You may even catch them stewarding on Friday or Saturday or even both!
It is usually a good exhibition in a lovely venue.There is lots to see, opportunities for spending money, and lovely home made cakes should you fancy a cuppa, sit down and chat.