Thursday, 23 March 2017 on.

Debby had been trying out Printfab,another fabric printing service.She had taken advantage of their special sample price of 99p.Definitely more cost effective than diy with home printer and special fabric packs.

She brought along her exhibit from the Embroiderers Guild exhibition.This little fish along with others resided in the bowl,all except the pebbles made by Debby.

She had stitched the pond weed on disappearing fabric,very effective it is too.

Friday, 10 March 2017


       As well as the show and tell of work we have interesting conversations as        we go along.

          Ira says that she sometimes receives 'Wacky' presents .This is one  such on view below.A rollag of Herdwick(?) and a book about our pastoral heritage in the UK.

She also picks up things for herself ,this rather lovely necklace from a trip to Scotland.

from a Danish maker.

We also bring along finds or items we no longer want in the hope someone else can use them.This piece had lots of beads and gold work threads in its make up.

Sally is an adventurous traveller and often uses her trips to create diaries and printed books to document her travels.

These are from her most recent trip to Sri Lanka,The Maldives and The Seychelles.

She was remarking that she travelled to what was then Ceylon,three times in the 1960s and was interested to see the changes in that time.


Liz brought along her 'Healing quilt",she is using her Eco dyed 'failures 'as the backing for it.

She had been busy making prayer flags

and had tried her hand at Pin Cushion hearts but with her own twist....

Leaves instead.

She is working toward another exhibition with Debbie Pawle entitled
'Rust.Weathered and Worn'.
Liz is working on some old ethnic fabrics ,see above.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


At the meeting Debby had been busy preparing Valentine's Day brooches for sale.She had had lots of sales in the new collective in Westbury on Trym 'We Make Bristol'we're sure these flew out of the door too.

She had been working with a variety of media to produce these .I think the above was tissue and stitch.The one below used a gelil plate

and this was one of her lovely batiks put through a printer onto  canvas.

If you visited the Bristol  Embroiderers Guild exhibition a few weekends back you would have seen Debby's goldfish in a bowl with weed.She likes to work with fish and birds.She has chosen a sculpture by Neil Dalrymple from the NiA collection to use as her inspiration for our upcoming exhibition there.
It turns out that he is the father of Ellie Dalrymple,a student who Debby mentored for her" A" levels.What a small world it is. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Spots and dots.

Deryll had been having some fun with paper.She had painted some watercolour paper and had found some crackle glaze medium,then set to with a hole punch,scissors and her flower stitcher foot .

This is what she created,aren't they effective? Sometimes just the simplest shapes make for interesting arrangements.

Continuing with the dotty theme,Jenn had also been using a flower stitcher foot.

She is continuing to explore ways to interpret the NiA pot.These above were stitched on stiff cotton organdie,some were hand cut.

She also did some free machining on scrim backed with hand made paper ,the green sample on the bottom left.The top left is free machining on dissolvable backed with organza,detail below.The other coloured pieces are some procion dyed fabrics ,attempting a dotty surface.More sampling and thinking yet to come.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Skies and shore.

Viv brought along her "displacement"piece.Why this you may ask?the weather is too unsettled at the moment for her to begin her piece for NiA.if you remember she is intending using discharge on velvet and it is pretty smelly and toxic so she is waiting for a time when she can do it outside.

So...... this piece .She took inspiration from the photograph you see lower down.

The colours were the inspiration and she has been recycling fabrics.

Ira meanwhile has been to Scotland to have a break and while there she had a tutorial about her course Advanced Higher .

She has to produce three A1 collages by May!

So she too has been working on other things. Here you see painted backgrounds inspired by shorelines.Done on the seemingly endless supply of fabric left over from making her daughter's wedding dress.

We have no doubt she will meet all her deadlines.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Common denominator.

Jane has drawn out the quirky little birds from the Nature In Art plate and has been trying them out on her embroidery machine.

She has used shiny rayon thread as well as matt,and some raised wool.The one on the far left uses textural stitches.We loved the individual birds.

She has included some on a background of Celtic like motifs,trying different orientations as well as different threads and colours.We think she has made an excellent beginning but as with everything Jane does there is much ,much more to come.

Sally has chosen the same plate and had been doing some research .She thinks the plate ,originally from Persia ,is pre-Islamic and maybe from the Zoroastrian religion because of the use of animal images.She is thinking of maybe using broken clay pots and mounting embroidered cloth pieces over.You can see a tryout to the right of the plate.

Jane believes the shapes above are calligraphic symbols but Sally is convinced they are stylised figures.

Sally has been reproducing them on loose weave fabrics,

free machine drawing them.

She also brought along another complete assemblage .
Can you see the little bird?

It is actually an animal vertebrae!