Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Splashes of colour and some silliness.

has a lovely collection that she raids ,from time to time ,to show us.We wondered if this was a piece of barkcloth maybe dating to 1950s.It is certainly a colourful and eclectic design

Sue loves to use the embellisher and this piece originated as a charity shop cardigan.Sue had used some wool tops to embellish the surface.

She ,like Viv, had been trawling through past samples and turned up this
Indian inspired piece.You can just glimpse the felt vessel she had related to this.
More below.

Patricia does wonderful things with colouring fabrics.She treated us to this selection silks and velvets,troubles they are often seen as lovely in themselves and we are loathe to use them

Jenn couldn't resist Sue's felt piece ,it gave everyone a good giggle as you can see.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Continuing the garden theme.

Jenn has continued to work with seed pods.She has been adding to her ideas using wire,printing and stitch.

She has been experimenting with using up fragments of leftovers to create little stitched books.

On a recent textile weekend she used silk fibres to make paper and to add some fibres to a thermofax print 

Another idea to be explored is a technique learned from Jean Littlejohn

Several of these ,above, might be fashioned into 3 dimensional pods.

She has also had an enjoyable time drawing pods on Khadi paper then adding colour with Koh i Noor watercolour dyes.
Lots still to explore,this theme is yielding lots of ideas. 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Mist and mellow fruitfulness.....

Sally had been looking back at some  sketchbooks and brought one to show,picture above and below.They show her love of observing detail.

She had gone away from our last meeting and experimented with her 'bundles'

hanging them from found twigs.They look very interesting and some were of the opinion they looked better laid on a background,we all have our own preferences and are free to choose.

She had also started a new concertina sketch book this Autumn

filling it with rich and colourful observations of garden plants.

Such a lovely reminder of how beautiful this Autumn has been

She had joined the three week  Drawing School collage course run by Esme Clutterbuck.

producing these .

Sally wasn't too happy with them but we thought they provided a different way of working.Using a viewfinder and isolating areas will give some delicious areas ripe for development.

We shall have to see if anything comes of them.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Advance notice

If you are a fan of Deryll and want to get your hands on one of her lovely little landscapes now's your chance!

This is one she brought to show us yesterday at our monthly meeting.We suspect you'll have to be quick.

Don't forget the South West quilt and textile show at UWE this weekend we have a stand ,and there will be lots to see.