Thursday, 24 September 2015

Gifts and techniques.

Carol had been putting her sewing talents to use .She constructed a case for a tablet to give as a gift,using her customary appliqué and some delightful fabrics.

Who wouldn't be surprised and delighted to receive this "one-off"

Not one to pass up the chance to try something new she had been experimenting with ribbon embroidery.Exquisite as always.

She had been disappointed with the results of our indigo vat on our workshop day,the dye just washed away when rinsed.We think either it was too cold or a very bad batch,as noone had any good results.However,Ira had an idea what could be done to use this above.More later on this so stick with us.

About a week away.

We hope you will visit us at Bristol Guild.Lots of the work has been seen outside of Bristol but we thought we'd take the opportunity to let it be seen within the city.As usual lots of cards and gifts will be available as well as original works.You will be able to see and talk to the artists on the opening day from11-4 pm.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Embellishing with silk.

Sue has been using her embellisher .She was wondering what background she would mount the finished piece on.The white is just the base fabric which the fibres are attached to ,it won't show in the final piece.The silk fibres include a pink and a pinky beige which we thought was picked up nicely in the raw silk she laid it on.It has a way to go before it is complete,but it looks rather lovely already.

Birds and beasties !

Kirsten has been working her magic .

Some wool tops,blanket and tweed have been treated to her own brand of "drawing" to produce these 

Beautiful  majestic beasts.

They can be viewed"up close" at the MISCELLANY exhibition at Bristol Guild until 25th October.They really are worth a look.

She had also been concentrating on bird-life,you may catch a glimpse of these too ,if you are quick,as they have been flying out of the door.

And her final offering are some glass and felt panels.She has fused dichroic glass and used some inclusions in the panels before affixing them to her wet felted backgrounds.

These are at the Guild too.


Liz had been exhibiting with Brunel Broderers at Nature in Art over August.These pieces were some she had there.What was interesting is the fact they had been outside throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Apart from some slight fading in part they had suffered no ill effects!

Other pieces she showed are her Eco-dyed silks and wools.

They are becoming quilts and hangings.

The one below has such lovely markings,the photo does not show it to its best.

A close-up is a little better ,showing the colours and pattern achieved with wrapping found organic material within the silk before steaming.It's magic.

Late on in the Summer she did a workshop with a weaver.

Using linen she produced this hanging,experimenting with various ways of creating textures within the body of the cloth.

I cannot recall the weaver so will update you when I find out.

A trip away

Marilyn doesn't just weave ,she buys from other weavers.This was a recent purchase on a trip away.

She also dyes many of her own threads,aren't these just delicious?

Her inspiration is alongside her trial piece.Such a fabulous choice and such a close match in her dyeing.

This little woven strap was Marilyn's holiday project.


Debby shows that a piece of work can take on a new existence.This piece has been cut down before re- framing.

This is her quilt for the Bristol Quilters' challenge,incorporating the cranes at the dockside as her 'Bristol' element.She still has much work to do before it is completed and handed over but it is looking very interesting.

The small piece on the left was once part of the first piece,but with some clever re-stitching it now becomes one in its own right.The right hand piece was part of a sampler of several batiks by Debby  she had printed on a large piece .She has worked each in turn to create some small but perfectly formed stitched pictures.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Carol belongs  Bristol Quilters and they currently have a challenge on for their members.They have to create a quilt which showcases Bristol in some way .She 
has very cleverly incorporated a number of local landmarks and attractions.This is as far as she has got but we are all waiting to see how it ends up.