Friday, 26 June 2020

Debby's selection.

Debby's first prompt, above ,is a work in progress.She painted in watercolour then  used the end of a broken paintbrush to apply ink.She admitted that time seems to fly so quickly and that she is so busy it hasn't been finished.There is stitch and the object still to add.

She has a new set of watercolours and has been revelling in working with them,
taking the time to do lots of drawing and painting practice.She is toying with sending the best of them for digital printing so she can work into them with stitch.Judging by this one they will be stunning.

Doing some research into Alma Thomas ,the first African American female art graduate, prompted this piece. She was categorised as a colour field artist and was interested in Pointillism.She painted a piece in homage  to Matisse's 'Snail',as she believed he was influenced by African art.Debby says it reminds her of an African textile and references Gees Bend Quilts.Maybe we need to go look it up.Debby enjoyed doing this but says  it was harder than it looked.

She has returned to comforting and well loved techniques while in lockdown Using what she has at home .A good recommendation as we all have so much .Here she has worked organically filling in the gaps as she goes, and using a kebab stick to open the eyelet holes.As Debby teaches different groups she has tried to keep them going with techniques and ideas.One new to her is making instructional videos, showing step by step to her pupils.She admits it was a steep learning curve and acknowledges the help given by Mr.B!

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Plant pot.

         Deryll has been gradually using spare fabrics to create a textured piece
            with a particular purpose in mind.

She has used a variety of ways to add interest

using stitch ,both hand and machine.

Creating braids and patches and joining into a long wide strip.

She has added a binding top and bottom

some lovely detailing.

before figuring out how to attach a bottom.

The final article ,a very unique and individual plant pot holder.There is room for a saucer inside to catch the drips.We think she has made a lovely job of it.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Creative prompt 2

This is what Jane gave us for our second prompt

And these are the results so far, who would have thought they would be so very different.

Deryll ,you choose which way up.







Debby has continued working and adding to her piece so that it has grown to cushion cover size!

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Creative prompts,'in house'.

Deryll started us off on this by providing us with the first prompt.The pieces that follow are the way each interpreted it.We were not allowed to give it much thought but to work quickly and instinctively.These are the ones shown so far.








Saturday, 6 June 2020

Pattern play.

At our Zoom meeting this week Jane showed us what she had been doing to pass some time during a rainy spell.She is a whizz with technical stuff and can explain what she did so much better, so over to Jane .........

This was a bit of rainy day playing in Illustrator.
For each pattern I created a square tile using basic geometric shapes and then used a piece of code called a script to copy and paste the tile 36 times.Each time the tile is pasted it is randomly rotated by 0,90,180 or 270 degrees, creating a different variation of the pattern every time the code is run.

This is based on the mathematical concept of Truchet tiles and works with square tiles that are not rotationally symmetrical.They can be used to tile the plane indefinitely without repeating the pattern.

I learnt how the code works through a short course by Melissa Wiederrecht on Skillshare.

I haven't made any plans for these (apart from making more!),but could see two of them as patchwork.By the way I did change the colours on one pattern after it was made ,in case you are wondering why the tiles don't all match the patterns.

What a great way to play with a computer instead of just surfing.
It will be interesting to see how far she takes this, and what might result.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Birthday gift.

Back before lockdown Jane celebrated a birthday and with a gift of money she ordered and purchased a PAMPALOOM. It had to come from Argentina so she was relieved it arrived before international post was shut down.

It consists of two adjustable looms shaped to make a back and front of a waistcoat.Below you can see the back being woven.

Jane used knitting wool in two colours for both the warp and the weft. At the beginning of the weaving she deliberately let the warp threads cross over at random.This gives the striped effect you see as the cloth progresses.

When complete Jane crocheted around the edges to finish .

With her love of creating pattern and her enquiring mind we are sure she will begin to innovate.We look forward to seeing what she does next.