Saturday, 16 December 2017

Last meeting of 2017.

As is usual for our final meeting we each make a card,

they are put into a basket and shuffled.

The basket is passed from person to person

and a card is selected until there are none left.

It is not until they are opened are we able to see who has created our card.
Every year they are a delight and entirely 'one offs',
this year trees seem to be a favourite motif.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Thursday, 9 November 2017

November's final offering.

Debby's CROWD piece takes the form of a large soft hanging.She has painted it using a mixture of fabric paint,Intense pencils and fabric medium to ensure colour fastness.Then she has machine quilted.The angle of the photo above has animated the trout so he looks to be swimming along!

The bug below has had a similar treatment,thought the iridescence doesn't show here.

She has begun to stitch into some of her prints from the lino printing  course.

She also shared with us some Cyanotype fabrics she had experimented with from some ready prepared fabrics.They are such an intense blue,and the images so clear.

Lastly some delightful brooches,many on a cacti theme,so on trend.

You can pick these up in Nature in Art if you're quick.Debby's wares just fly out.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Nature and nurture.

These piece done by Carol are influenced by her interest in Nature.They are currently on display at Nature In Art.The one above 'What Lies Beneath' show  what goes on beneath our gardens.The one below deals with the demise of Corals in our oceans .From brilliant vibrant colour and diversity to bleached out and lifeless.

Jane has a friend for whom a baby quilt is a lovely gift.She is very technically adept from computers to digitising to perfect patchwork.

She didn't want to go down the traditional baby colours so plumped for this colour way which will fit both.

Kirsten has been creating some fabulous felt birds,which are in Nature in Art as from today.We are sure they will fly out!


Sue has been making progress with her pieces and ideas for new ones.This one above just needs the method of hanging resolved.

She loves to use colour and had been investigating using transfer paints on this piece of sheer.

Living,as she does, overlooking the Bristol Channel she gets to observe the many changes in sea and sky.

This piece created with the embellisher and stitch gives such an evocation of the  sea .Sue has plans to keep adding to this so it grows longer. We can  see this developing into a lovely
calm piece. 

Monday, 30 October 2017

CROWD and beyond.

We have an article about our work for NiA in the current workbox magazine so if you have a copy you might like to read about our inspirations before you visit.

Deryll brought along the second of her pieces based on her chosen Crowd 
piece and told us she hopes there will be a third!We loved the subtle colours and textures she has used,and the exquisitely made eyelets.


Ira loves to stitches much she couldn't resist the needle and thread in one of Liz's small pieces as it was passed around the group.She has completed all the work she is exhibiting at NiA and is well on her way to Newark Park    


She is taken with the clock that sits on the landing .She has made a photo transfer onto fabric in this first piece.

She has been thinking of subsequent pieces and has ideas to merge images and create a collage .

She wishes to make use of lots of embroidery

and maybe incorporate plenty of shiny metallics.These initial samplers look very enticing.