Monday, 5 October 2015

Vessels and a cheat!

Ira showed us her work that is going to be made into 3-dimensional vessels.This top one has layers of paint and she has begun to stitch her customary French knots and sequins,as well as some meandering lines of stitched patterns.If you visit 'Miscellany ' at Bristol Guild you will see six absolutely stunning vessels on display.

Her next idea is a bit of a departure as she has found a wood turner local to her .She has produced some fabric pieces which will become an integral part of the wooden bowls.

Here is a close-up of the fabric she has produced.Lots of stitching ,beading and piercing to produce this frothy,lacy fabric.

She was unable to join us on the workshop day so did it herself at home.I forgot to photograph her sketch book but did capture some of her Eco- dyed fabrics.

These below are lovely showing the leaves she trapped in the fabric.She has begun working into the piece with some stitch

We were amazed at the colour she got ........then she let us into her little secret.

The imprints were there but not  very clear ,so she used some watercolour and added to them .....isn't that a clever idea.Carol, take note for your indigo, all is not lost!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

"MISCELLANY" at Bristol Guild - a taster, posted by Viv

The Gallery on Preview Day

Debby on shop duty

Some of the delicious goodies on sale
Plenty of discussion

More goodies

Kirsten's Bird Tweed cushions

A selection of Patricia's neck pieces, necklaces and brooches

Ira's amazing vessels

Up the staircase