Wednesday, 28 November 2018


This was the exhibition @65 on the opening day .It will already have changed as some things have sold .You have three days left to visit.It ends on December 1st at 4pm.
Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Goodies for @65

It may already be too late for you to see these lovely stitched pictures and felted birds, they seem to disappear very quickly when put into exhibitions

The one above was based on the poppy fielding Long Ashton ,which was much in the local news last year.Debby has really captured it in all its loveliness.

A hovering blue owl and landscape are the other pieces she brought along.

Kirsten has mounted her birds on some branches which really bring them to life.

These below look as if they are having a good old chinwag!

@65 continues until 4pm on Saturday

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Plastic, paper ,print.

Jenn had been continuing, on and off, with exploring how to translate the mark making dome with Jilly Morris into textile and stitch.

She had dyed some felt and used acrylic ink to mark the surface

made some print blocks from sticky back foam and printed on teabag paper.

Inspired by Debby's use of the plastic used in precut cheese packets she had printed on some, then applied to khaki paper and started to stitch.

Debby arranged these thinking they could be attached with copper rings to form a hanging. Jenn has more to do to develop this idea ,she likes the idea of layering and has also printed onto organza though is unsure about the shiny quality .


Sally admitted to not having any of her own work to show this month as she and Viv are busy cataloguing 200+ Miaou items destined for Bristol Museum.Between them they have such such a wealth of knowledge about the items they have collected  the museum want them to provide  as much information as possible.No one  else would be able to provide such detail, is envisaged they will be added to the database and that there might be an exhibition in 2021.This would be so welcome as textile items rarely see the light of day, unless a visit is requested to see behind the scenes.
She brought along these shoes, I think she said they are Song ming ?and are the type of shoes worn by women who had their feet bound.
Red was a sign of virtue, the practice went on well into the 60s.Even though women were smaller the shoes are barely the size of a small child's.So many practices around the World have existed  to the detriment of women.

Viv has continued to work on her poppies.She had found it interesting to work with mono prints and outside her normal colour choice.

She has added small pieces of fabric to the surface 

and begun to add stitch.You can see the printing in the shot below.Next ,after this one is done she plans to work on her Sunflowers.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018




Lest we forget....

We had a few items related to the WW1 Centenary appear this month.Sally brought along one of the shrouds created by Rob Heard in commemoration of the 72,396 Commonwealth soldiers killed at the Somme with no known grave.They are currently on display in Queen Elizabeth  Olympic Park in London.There have been  small  exhibitions around the UK over the past four years, most recently at Bristol Aerospace Museum.It was a mammoth undertaking by the artist and gives a very graphic idea of the carnage visited upon one  nation at one battle.

Liz brought along the book and  catalogue of the 1,568 Sawdust Hearts exhibition initiated   by Helen Birmingham.The heart above, number 39 ,was created by Liz to honour the lost soldiers from Heligan Garden in Cornwall.

Queen Mary originally instigated Sweetheart Pincushions at the end of WW1,which were pinned by soldiers as part of their convalescence. The exhibition of the new hearts will be on display in Woodend in Scarborough 3-30th November. Funds raised will go towards Combat Stress the veterans mental health charity.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Medieval stonework and an infestation.

Above, is a detail of what you see below.Ira has been working on looking at an old stone wall.Each of the pieces will be assembled to create a whole.The amount of stitching she adds to her work is quite breathtaking and a lot is hand stitched.The darker rectangles will border the piece with the lighter ones inside.As you can see from the detail the threads used pick up the colours of the paint finish.There will be a lot more before she considers it done.

She, like Sally, entered a piece for the RWA Open Exhibition.However, she was unsuccessful this time.The piece you see below was based on an historical, medieval theme.

Jane, meanwhile had been pursuing her idea of an infestation of insects.She had wanted a very fine silk to support her machined insects.She bought some Margilan silk which is used a lot in Nuno felting.

It was from two different sources and differed in its colour and weight.She now needs to sample her ideas and find if it will give her what she wants.

She has been inspired by a piece of music she heard in Gloucester Cathedral, played as a four part round on harmonicas.The work was by Julian of Norwich.......'and all will be well'.She would like this to be her message the world.