Monday, 30 October 2017

CROWD and beyond.

We have an article about our work for NiA in the current workbox magazine so if you have a copy you might like to read about our inspirations before you visit.

Deryll brought along the second of her pieces based on her chosen Crowd 
piece and told us she hopes there will be a third!We loved the subtle colours and textures she has used,and the exquisitely made eyelets.


Ira loves to stitches much she couldn't resist the needle and thread in one of Liz's small pieces as it was passed around the group.She has completed all the work she is exhibiting at NiA and is well on her way to Newark Park    


She is taken with the clock that sits on the landing .She has made a photo transfer onto fabric in this first piece.

She has been thinking of subsequent pieces and has ideas to merge images and create a collage .

She wishes to make use of lots of embroidery

and maybe incorporate plenty of shiny metallics.These initial samplers look very enticing.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Tin,oak alder and birch.

Liz,as usual, had been beavering away at new pieces.She likes a folk group called 'Show of Hands 'and these pieces relate to tin mining.Their music and her love of Cornwall combined in some stunning quilts.

For her' Crowd' piece Liz has chosen a small pot covered in oak leaves.This 'log cabin'  pieced quilt is made from fabrics dyed with oak leaves.She plans to add surface decoration of leaves and words.

More small pieces with naturally eco dyed cloth 

and beautifully hand stitched.

She had also been dyeing more cloth ,these I think,with Birch bark and an alum mordant. 

Not finished yet,she had collected oak galls and made ink from them to use to make marks on khaki paper for some books.

Then there was this which had been wrapped in a piece of corrugated ironing is beginning to have applied strips added.

We were interested to see these ceramic pieces,not made by Liz.

While in St Ives she happened across a pit firing on the beach.The pieces are buried with wire,copper etc.What results is a reaction of the clay ,heat and whatever it comes into contact.No two pieces are the same.

It's a little like the process of Eco -dyeing but with a different medium.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Full steam ahead.

With 'Natural Selections' at Nature in Art  hoving into view everyone is having a last push towards completion of pieces.

Sally has had her nine pieces beautifully framed by Joe Cashman of Bedminster Framing.Each is held in place with camel bone beads at each corner.

We loved her original idea of pottery shards and fragments,and she has gone ahead and produced one based around the idea.She scanned and printed the images from her drawings onto T-shirt transfer paper before using Bondaweb to attach to the the pottery shards.

Do you remember her bundles from months back? Well, they are making an appearance too.We thought they were too good to set aside.

Combined with her drawings they make for intriguing work.