Wednesday, 31 July 2013

In the Pink - continued from way back.
This was the original collection of pinks from my stash - I was surprised I had so many as this is not a favourite colour of mine - this was the challenge - and being distracted by colour.
First I cut it the fabric into strips - and stitched it all together again
Then cut these strips horizontally and joined them together again

This process was repeated several times
Then I cut them into strips again and stitched an edging

This distorted the shapes which I liked. These strips were mounted on a very dark red background for contrast

I made some cords - some using a contrasting turquoise thread - these were very loosely woven between the strips of pink - and the whole will be able to be seen at the next GTA Exhibition at the Guild Gallery in October. dh

Monday, 15 July 2013


I think sketchbooks are a great resource as they never run out.While having a sort through mine I found a tiny one that I had worked into in the past.I t had taken an ammonite as its focus.Here are some of the images.

These detail shapes observed in the ammonite.Next stage was thinking about theses shapes and how they might be used as pattern ideas.I took some dense foam ,cut shapes and printed with Koh-i-noor paints just to record how they worked.

Some sketchbook drawiings-JH

These are some of the drawings I did when I took the photos in a previous post. I have had a play to give me some ideas to develop or not.The next photo was done by  tracing my drawing onto tissue paper attaching to the back of the fabric and free machining from the back.

I also found a small ammonite I had at home.I used it with some mouldable foam to make a print block.I printed onto paper and fabric.The last photo shows prints on loose weave fabric .I used Quink ink just to play then withdrew some threads on the right ,and used bleach on the left.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Inspirations from a past age- JH

I went looking for some inspiration for new work and found these .They make me think of pleated fabrics.
These look like mini sputniks.

Can't remember what these were but they could be the seed heads of spent poppies.I made lots of drawings and have begun to play around ,more photos to come to show how this develops.  J H.

Can there be more to see.....?

Oh yes! This time Ira's fascinating pieces ,but which side shall we choose?
They look just as good whichever you choose.

And then we have this glorious blue....Liz's favourite hue.Some plans to rework a piece adding in some vibrant touches of red.

But doesn't it look wonderful against her lime green top?
Jenn 's contibution was some work done at Farncombe Summer school with Louise Baldwin.Using paper ,found imagery and stitch.

Some developing work to do with swimming pools.
  That's all for July but keep checking back to see what we have been getting up to.

Lots more July delights.

Nuno felting,much nicer in the "wool"so to speak.
Now what do you think Deryll is up to with this mosaic of pieces?

You'll just have to come along to "Distractions" to find out!

Not done with July yet.

Sue brought some of her lovely sketchbooks to illustrate her idea for new pieces of work.

While Kirsten had lots to show.

Some individually made bags,brooches and her developing felt pieces for "Distractions" in October.

More show and tell from July.

Sally showing us her giglee print of a drawing from her sketchbook.She had found someone just close to where she lives who produces them.
Jane brought her work in progress on engines and had her printed fabric developed from her digitised imagery.This is so exciting.

Steaming July!

We met this month at Sally's .We were treated to a selection of refreshments before commencing our 'show and tell' inside in the cool. Everyone had brought something for us to pore over ,and comment upon.
There seemed to be a bit of a theme developing with the first few pieces.Carol brought her wrapped shells and her nuno felt scarf for our delectation.
Debbie had worked some glitz into her fish.

and you can see some more fish in  this piece if you look closely.

 After show and tell we took ourselves out to sit in some welcome shade to deal with some various bits of business.I shall be adding more posts ,so keep checking back to see what other goodies were brought for us ,and YOU ,to see.