Monday, 19 December 2016

Quick fix.

Running short on time,cards,energy,ideas?

Here's a brilliant idea that Deryll brought to show.
Take a sheet of paper or fabric,about A3 or A4 in size.Sort out your snippets of ribbon,fabrics,ric-rac,papers that are really too small to be useful.Choose a shape.....triangle for Christmas tree,circle for bauble etc. and cut out about eight.Add some small coloured backgrounds to the base then place shapes on top.Add ribbons,braids etc to decorate the shapes,Stitch or stick in place ,you can use decorative machine stitches if you like.Photocopy in colour as many times as you need.These can then be cut up and stuck to cards or parcel tags to use for sending or attaching to gifts.Advantage you send or give something handmade and use up your tiny leftovers........WIN WIN.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Annual Christmas Lunch.

We came together as usual but this meeting is always a little different as we eat together ,all of us providing something for the table .

We have our 'show and tell' and any business beforehand(More of this later).We then clear away and lay a festive table before enjoying a meal together .

As you can see we have a lovely spread with plenty of delicious treats,savoury and sweet.It is a lovely way to round off the year.

Four of our lovelies enjoying a warm!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Leaves and books .

Liz continues her adventures with Eco dyeing.She is currently doing an online course and finding out more about the subject.

She manages to keep so many things on the go,this quilt was going in to an exhibition with Contemporary Quilters West.

And as if that wasn't enough she has revived her interest in bookmaking!

Ira surprised us all by just producing this piece from a few years ago.She normally says she has nothing then proceeds to pull piece after piece from her bag.She'll surprise us in January!

Adding dimensions.

Marilyn brought the mats she had woven along with the book of patterns developed by Rosalie Nielson
Who is to publish the book derived from these patterns 'An Exaltation of Blocks' should anyone out there be interested to try them .

There are lots of variations to try with the REP weave.

These three 'dimensional pockets' within the weave are fascinating.

Whose boots are they? 

She had also been experimenting with the paper yarn ,we loved them as they are ,but thought they could become 3D vessels too.

Versatile !

Last a jewellery set using weaving and beads.

Weaving has so much potential.

Tweet !

First a little extra splash of colour from Carol.This just a little taste of using an embellisher.

Her main contribution to 'Show and Tell 'were these delightful birdie cards.
She has captured such a lovely style with the combination of appliqué and stitch.Really they are too good for just cards,any one would make a lovely small framed piece.

Debby came next ,showing some pieces she had layered with fabrics and added stitch .

All sorts of snippets can be employed to create stories and pictures.

Even colour mixing with the use of sheers.
Debby talked about teaching rhymes and rhythms to young children and this piece below was something she created to illustrate that.

and to finish a lovely lino print showing how there is often enough ink left on the plate to create a 'ghost print'.Sometimes these are 

more atmospheric and can be worked into.