Tuesday, 30 October 2012

First TAGs Meeting

Some of our more longstanding members have now retired from exhibiting, but they remain connected to the group and are known as the TAGs.
First Meeting of TAGs 25th September 2012 (posted by Anne)
There were four people present at the meeting : Sue Haysom, Pam Jeans, Verna Crowhurst and Anne Coleman.
We met at the Grant Bradley Gallery for coffee, so were able to have a look at the GTA exhibition at the same time.  We decided it was well up to standard, and very enjoyable, in spite of the fact that we had moved on!
We discussed plans, but did not really agree on a format for future meetings, except that we would probably meet every two months.
We did plan a date for the next meeting however, and this will be open to all members of GTA, both past and present.
Lunch on Tuesday 27th November,
More Details of the venue in the GTA monthly newsletter.
We hope that as many as possible will be able to come.