Thursday, 29 June 2017

Amanda Clayton and CROWD.

Jenn had also been on the Amanda Clayton workshop and enjoyed it immensely,above and below are her samples .

The workshop gave her some ideas to link with what she wanted to do for NiA and the Crowd piece.

Using various silk fabrics she cut circles and applied them to small pieces of fabric adding simple running stitch in a variety of threads .

The ceramic by Maria Stewart is coloured porcelain so Jenn decided to try dyeing some silk fabrics to try the technique.

She dampened them and crumpled them into a tray.She used ALL-IN -ONE dyes from Omega Dyes to sprinkle over in small amounts of different colours before adding boiling water and leaving for 30 minutes .After rinsing and drying they were used to create the samples you see above and below.

This is the inspiration.

Now we will wait to see how it is resolved into a piece or pieces for November.

Monday, 26 June 2017


Carol had been beavering away at several projects,the one above a delightful activity book for a small child.Sorry no more pics but it was gone too quickly.
As a member of Quilters Guild there are usually challenges ,this tulip block below , is as part of a swop with a group in Turkey.Tulps being very apt as they are from Turkey and there  is one called Tulipa Turkestan.

She had also been working on her piece for Nature in Art.incidentally having chosen the same piece as Ira.Carol is using wool as a backing then machining various fabrics to it before boiling. This shrinks the wool and causes lovely textures,the fabrics used also take up the dye differently.

She had made some tiny,collaged embroideries,intending them for cards.We thought they would make sweet little framed pieces displayed together in a block.

Finally,she showed her Amanda Clayton workshop pieces,at least I think they are Carol's,Debby also brought hers ?

Several of us attended and had  a lovely day trying her techniques.

Patching and piecing,laying fabrics on both sides ,collaging lace,cutting through 

and using the easiest of stitches........running .

Saturday, 24 June 2017

June already!

We met at Deryll's this month and there is a lot to look at.Ira kicked off proceedings with a piece she began with a jumble of threads,too difficult to sort out but too good to discard.She is slowly adding stitch and beads and revealing the beauty.

Next she brought out her interpretation of her chosen piece from CROWD at Nature in Art.She has used her trademark painting of the fabric then has added 
stitched lines ,couching and sequins.

For her next piece she is creating a triptych based on trees.The base is fairly tough  paper which has been coloured.We thought it would be hard on the fingers but Ira says she pierces the holes first.

She has included the drawing of the trees and then goes on to interpret the textures and patterns observed in them.

She has used a variety of threads and stitches.

When sorting through some fabrics she came across a large piece of lace that had been detached from a net curtain.As ever Ira wanted to see what would happen if she painted it.The various colours had varying degrees of opacity,the broze being the least coverage.While they were wet she also took some prints with a high degree of success!