Sunday, 31 May 2015

Margo Selby

Marilyn had been to London and while there had been to Margo Selby's studio.

She was selling some of her samples,Marilyn came away with quite a few.They were in the most wonderful colours of silk and such interesting patterns.Marilyn could tell you how they were acheived. All i can tell you is that they reminded me of double jacquard knitting ,where the knitting is on two beds enabling different colours to show on each side.It also allows for tucking and making 'pockets 'so the fabric is not flat.

You may be able to see it in this shot.A friend is going to make one of the bigger pieces into a gilet for Marilyn.We will be excited to see it .

Marilyn showed her own sample of double sided weaving.It is very effective but once again I have no idea how it is done.Again it is like 'plating 'in machine knitting where one colour shows one side and the other colour on the reverse.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Productive month.

Carol had been to the talk,and taken the workshop 'Fabric books' given by Becky Adams at Bristol Embroiderers Guild in April.I think she took BEES as her subject.

As usual she produced a delightful zig-zag book with such exquisite stitching and detail.

She has also subscribed to 'Workshop On The Web' run by Maggie Grey.
Following on from last month's suggestion that we each fill an embroidery hoop she had been experimenting with creating surfaces.These are crochet rings stitched down and further stitch added to bed them on the linen.I think!

This one based on a WoW lesson from Dale Rollerson ,stitching on dissolvable fabric,building up layers of stitch.Interesting effects can be achieved.

Dale is based in Australia ,she can be found here

She runs a textile supplies business and often travels to run a stand at Ally Pally.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

More Eco-dyeing and a date for your diaries.

Liz really has the eco-dyeing down to a fine art .I think most of these come from wrapping rusted objects in Khadi paper and various fabrics.

She likes to use silk as it gives lovely results

though this may be strip cloth.

If you enlarge this photo by clicking on it you can see how the paper has embossed.

She also brought lots of examples of books made on a course held in Bath by Guy Begbie. Only seem to have one photo,they were very well made .I have a feeling we will see more books emerging in Liz's work.

She will be exhibiting later in the month in Weston Old Town Quarry with Debby Pawle. It should be an interesting mix based on the Quarry .

Monday, 25 May 2015

Great minds .....

Viv and Deryll seem to have been communicating telepathically for their ideas this time.Deryll had been "up in her loft' and was going to rejuvenate a hand dyed piece by working into it .

I cannot recall what this was dyed with but it was plant based and most probably grown by Deryll,she will no doubt remind me !

The piece has been woven from strips and machine stitched. The illustration of the plant you can see above is the dyestuff,and Deryll intends to add this to the piece by drawing on the wrong side then stitching from the back. A technique much used by Cas Holmes.

Viv brought along a piece which was created by piecing together a variety of fabrics, including hand-dyed and eco-dyed.

She had added the 'plant' by drawing on the wrong side and stitching from the back.She was going to fold back the edge but we thought it would look lovely by leaving the edge to give the piece space.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Jenn and Kirsten had both been using Derwent Intense bars to create.We had used them on our drawing day.Above, Jenn had continued with her Italian old buildings and had cut a lino block,then used it to print with the bars.It was surprisingly effective,just spraying lightly with water then stroking bars across the block before printing.She used teabag paper and matte medium to attach them to calico.This will now be used as a base for stitch.

Kirsten had not used Inktense before our workshop so she had been drawing and painting with them to see their possibilities.Her drawings have been translated into wonderful print in the past so we will watch this space!

She has created a colour chart of her bars ,so useful to refer to.Then she had been looking at Frances Pickering's book "Page after Page" for some exercises .Lots of scope here for experimenting.

Kirsten also brought out this very colourful quilt top, pieced from authentic African fabrics she just happened to have hanging around! It is to be a present for someone close ,so she can only work on it when they are not about.

It is such joyous colours,I bet it will be very loved and appreciated.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


If you want to see some members and their work 'up close and personal' you have more opportunities as Deryll ,Patricia and Debby  are taking part in North Somerset Arts Week  and the BS9 trails.
  Deryll will be at venue 29 The Community Centre,Keedwell Hill Long Ashton BS41 9DP from 1st May -10th May. NSAW.
and Debby is at Venue 35 -135 Stoke Lane Bristol BS9 3 RW and Patricia at Venue 12 -44 Charlton Road,Bristol BS10 6NG 9th -10th May. BS9 Trail.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Duffryn Gardens visit.

Jane ,Jenn and Liz visited Duffryn Gardens ,just outside Cardiff .The National Trust have been given a 50 year lease to bring the house back to its former 
glory,having been left empty for a number of years.The gardens have undergone some restoration and are really lovely,with long vistas in front of the house, different garden rooms,kitchen garden ,rockery ,arboretum and glasshouses .

This is the gallery which was housing an exhibition by VOGA (Vale of Glamorgan Artists) who had been given access to the estate for a year and the exhibition showed how each artist had responded.

the house has undergone some renovation on the ground floor but the upper floors were in a somewhat sad state.No electricity.floorboards ripped up and holes in the walls and ceilings.Work has been done to repair the roof and make everything weatherproof,now begins the job of bringing the house to life !

This is Jane standing in the room destined for the Plant Hunter project.

Despite its sorry state it is a lovely sunny and light house and well worth a visit.

Fabrics ,architecture and a little recycling puzzle!

As usual Ira didn't have anything to show except for this above,


and this.She has a very individual way of creating her base fabrics.She uses ONLY man made fabrics,polyester,nylon etc.In her own words, 'sloshes acrylic paint ' over them ,allows to dry then may burn with a hot wire of her own design and adds her trademark of very intricate machine stitch ,tiny ,tiny French knots,beads and sequins.These fabrics you see here  will be completely transformed by the time she has worked her alchemy.

It is the Severn Vale Arts Trail ( Ira is taking part you can catch her on 4th May all day, 8th May until 1.30p.m. ,9/10th May all day. You won't be disappointed.
7 West View ,Alveston.BS35 3RN

Jenn had been thinking about her work for STA (barriers and boundaries)and a trip to Florence a few years ago where she had loved the doorways.Like Viv she wanted something to do while stewarding ,so had used some lovely hand dyed fabrics bought at Bristol Quilt Show at UWE .They were cut and bonded  to felt 

before being added to with stitch,ribbons etc.Quite what they will turn into is as yet to be decided.

Jane passed these around to see if anyone had ideas as to how they might be used.They come from using her embroidery machine ,the bobbins I think,but are waste.With an eye to recycling she was after creative ways to put them to use.Patricia played around and came up with this ,it was suggested they might be strung together,a bit like tracks on a tank before incorporating in something.

Any one out there please leave a comment with your suggestions.

Sunday, 3 May 2015



Since last meeting Liz had been to the South Coast for a four day workshop with Alice Fox.She kept on bringing more and more from her bag! They were encouraged to walk on the beach each day collecting items and making observations which were recorded in these little books ,above.

The things they collected were put to use in different ways,wrapped in papers and cloth and set aside 

To 'brew'

Some rusted ,others disintegrated and were collaged.

They printed and embossed .

Made weavings using beach finds as warp and weft and as the base to weave upon.

As if that isn't enough a collection of fabrics being converted into a quilt.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

One stitch and stash busting.

Don't these just sing out?

Viv wanted something to do while stewarding,she had some dyed blanket and some wool embroidery threads to use up.She used just the one stitch,lazy daisy,and colours as they came.

We thought they would look lovely hung in their hoops.

Deryll suggested it might make for a group project,use any colour way,any size,hand stitch and hang as a group in their hoops within an'll have to wait and see if it comes to pass.

Coincidentally Sue had been taking inspiration from this little group above.Her grandchildren were encouraged to find shells and pebbles with holes to bring back to her from beach visits.

She had been working on this but with eyelet stitch ,I think.She had been making holes and using shisha to add some little glints of reflection.The one red area draws the eye.