Monday, 31 August 2020

Jane's Lockdown.

We are hoping to give an overview of how each of us has spent Lockdown with regard to what we have done creatively.

First we are going to have a look at Jane's magnificent pieces..She tells us what each piece is and how it came about.
First is BARGELLO QUILT ,this is the finished item.It was  designed using Illustrator.

For a closer look at the process go to

finished quilt above, design below.

A design created using Illustrator by drawing a simple square tile then using small piece of 
coding ,called a script, to randomly rotate it each time it is repeated.It seemed a good time to embrace 
a certain amount of randomness as it is currently hard to make plans with any certainty, and none of us feels in control.

This is a different kind of randomly generated pattern based on Turing patterns.It is generated in black and white but it has been recoloured.


This is a machine embroidered piece based on the patterns of changes used in bellringing.The title refers to a particular sequence called Queens as it is rung on eight bells (each column represents a bell).If you 
'read' from top to bottom, the bells start in order 1-8 then swop places to reach the order 13572468 halfway down, then swop back to this original positions.By the time I finished this piece we had hit Lockdown and the bells have been silent ever since - I added the circles to  represent the sound they should have made.


These are all designs created in the same way as Calm Blue Circles.For some of them a colour palette was set up and the script was allowed to randomly select the colour for each element , thus creating
new shapes and patterns the tiles combine.