Thursday, 22 September 2016


One of the joys of belonging to GTA  is being able to depend on their support We all have times when we are unsure of which direction to take with our work.In the meetings we can usually find lots of opinions and advice ,whether we follow it or not.
Carol had been working on her coral piece and brought it along for some feedback on whether she should proceed and try to get it completed for Flourish.We thought she was doing well but it seemed a pity to rush what is going to be another thought provoking piece.

Her challenge piece has been done and explores corals in crochet.She has so many skills and excels at them all.
Another reason GTA is so good ,there is such a variety of experience and skill set to be found in the members.
 Jane also needed our thoughts on her pieces.She had worked backwards constructing the background hanging first.She had used her Celtic designs to stitch largish motifs.She wanted to use the negative shapes to tumble down the piece.

Her dilemma ,were the shapes too bold without stitching over them to knock them back?Opinions varied,some liked the boldness,others thought the directional stitching created distortion especially as it gave the fabric a 'Nap' effect .No doubt Jane will go away and experiment, cogitate and come up with another winner!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Exhibition preparation, and other things.

With 'FLOURISH 'almost upon us this month's meeting mainly centred around last minute preparations and loose ends.

Marilyn has been busy making more neckpieces using her expertise with understanding how to pleat on the loom

She brought this piece,we were surprised at the paleness of the colour as her work is always so vibrant.

These are more the kind of colours we associate with Marilyn.She always dyes her own yarns.These were samples done on a recent workshop exploring REPP weave.The 'holes' were fascinating,seems they caused a lot of excitement with the course participants too !

Monday, 19 September 2016



If you are coming to see this exhibition DO NOT repeat ,DO NOT come on Sunday 23rd .
There's a print error we missed too late.

We will be very pleased to see you any other of the days we are open.If you can't make Stroud then visit our stand in UWE in November,but we'd love to see you at both.

Friday, 9 September 2016


Jenn has used some paper yarn to create some knitted pods.These have been gifted to Mayumi,Marilyn's weaver friend ,who gave her the dyed paper yarn.

A summer school with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn provided techniques for these pieces.

 They are pictured alongside the inspirations,stylised patterns from observation of seed pods.

Transfer print.

Sue had rediscovered a transfer printed fabric she had produced
and decided she might go ahead and work into it.

so out of her stash she has pulled some threads and further fabrics she might employ.


There are such rich colours,sumptuous purples and luscious reds.
We will wait to see what story she might weave with these.