Thursday, 19 March 2015

Coming up.

If you can be sure and visit us at Nature in Art.We will have cards and sales table as well as demonstrations taking place throughout our time there.Check NiA website for what is on and when.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spoonflower fabrics.

 Debby brought along some of her designs she had had printed through Spoonflower.

You can upload designs and play around with them ,these come from her appliqué pictures.She  has mirrored the bottom right sample .All have been embellished with machine stitch in Debby's quirky and original style.
The top left design came from Fingerprint,the company run by Laura Kemshall. Debby has added her own 'stamp' on the fabric by stitching the bird.
We have an article about GTA in the current Designmatters magazine'Through Our Hands' issue 4. It is an online publication which is issued quarterly.You can view all four at or visit Laura 's blog to see the current one

Debby also showed this batik and hand painted silk scarf.She has skills in lots of creative areas.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ducking and diving !

Sally is contemplating her pieces and brought along her wonderful penguin drawings.

They are so characterful.

We gave her several suggestions as to how we thought she might use them but Sally will go away and make her own.

The landscape they belong to is so much a wilderness,it is a balancing act to introduce them.She will no doubt manage it.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

I got one!

I took a trip to Cass arts yesterday afternoon after Jane's 'heads up 'about its opening event .It was quite busy and the music very loud.I bought some things that I wanted ,got 10% off and came away with a goodie bag containing this......

I was very surprised as I thought they would have all gone by the time I got there ,and surprised at the contents.


Jane has been experimenting with sizes and threads colours of her flower pieces.

Above is the template ,you can see the size of it in relation to her hand.

This has several thread colours worked into it.She has been trying to 'mix' the colours as you would with paint.

These are some out trials.An awful lot of work goes into developing a finished piece of work.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Eco Dyed pieces

Finally finished quilting this piece, called Willow, for our Nature in Art exhibition, and uses fabrics that I have Eco Dyed using leaves collected on my walks, and naturally dyed fabrics bought from Deryll. 
I've also been busy stitching panels of Eco dyed silk noil together as a record of a walk through Nature in Art's garden using leaves I collected as I walked, plus little books of Eco dyed papers. 

Still quilting my last piece Maple, using  Eco dyed and natural dyed fabrics.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Viv has taken her sea pieces to be framed ready for Nature In Art.She had fabrics left over so has decided to work another piece.

This is it in its raw' state,it will be completely unrecognizable when next you see it.

Patricia meanwhile has been industrious and finished several pieces .

The colours and textures have to be seen 'in the Flesh' to be appreciated.Such a lot of detail that cannot be picked up in photos taken ad hoc on a drear day.

The silk shimmers and the beads reflect the light.

They are truly a feast for the eyes.