Sunday, 6 January 2013

Making a New Leaf

Happy New Year Everyone
It is usual at this time of the year to make a resolution or turn over a new leaf - I am combining the two and making a new leaf.

1. Sandwich 2 layers of polycottton with a layer of terylene wadding in the middle.
Draw the leaf shape on fine paper and tack all together. Include the veins and the stalk

2. Stitch round the leaf shape using a straight stitch on the machine.
Tear off the paper and stitch round the shape again using a narrow zig zag. Include the stalk.

3. Cut round the leaf shape - including the stalk.
Stitch round the shape again using a wide zig zag - including the stalk.

4. Paint the leaf - I use fabric paints on a very wet fabric and leave the colours to dry naturally so that the colours run and blend.                                                                                                    dh

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