Monday, 15 July 2013

Some sketchbook drawiings-JH

These are some of the drawings I did when I took the photos in a previous post. I have had a play to give me some ideas to develop or not.The next photo was done by  tracing my drawing onto tissue paper attaching to the back of the fabric and free machining from the back.

I also found a small ammonite I had at home.I used it with some mouldable foam to make a print block.I printed onto paper and fabric.The last photo shows prints on loose weave fabric .I used Quink ink just to play then withdrew some threads on the right ,and used bleach on the left.


  1. These are so interesting - I love the stitched piece with the stitching over net over a gap - dh

  2. Itlooks as if I missed a really exciting meeting in July - so many new ideas - lovely photos of everything, Jenn. Can't wait to see how some of these ideas turn out - Viv