Sunday, 18 August 2013

Viv's plant playday

I had a little play at the plant dyeing as described by Liz at the India Flint workshop she attended.  I'm not sure if I did it the "right" way, i.e. included the right ingredients, and as I only got 50% success perhaps I didn't.  However, I am really pleased with the way the other 50% turned out.

My little bundles in the pot

wool, silk, cotton fabrics

 assortment of rusty bits and pieces, along with various bits of plant material from my garden and the odd teabag

my best results after boiling, washing, drying and pressing


  1. These look really good.I also had a go,my efforts are posted on my blog.J.H.

  2. They look successful to me! It makes me want to have a go as well - I remember Liz saying not cotton - were your unsuccessful ones cotton? dh

  3. They look good to me. I haven't tried this yet but want to use our dead day lily flowers before they all disappear.