Thursday, 19 September 2013


A lot of this month's meeting was given to our forthcoming exhibition at Bristol Guild.Jane had brought along her now complete exhibit that we have been oohhhhing and aaahhhhing over each time she has shown us her progress.

These are little areas showing the way she has used stitch across the whole cloth.The finished pieces are stunning,come and have a look for yourself in October.

In addition to her textile pieces Liz had brought along these books,one to do with quilts made by people in India.The other was a catalogue for an exhibition in Yorkshire in one of the mills peopled with workers from Saltaire.The exhibitors took the mill as their inspiration and produced some thought provoking pieces.If you are intereasted to see more go to
Sally brought along some additions to her elephant scroll,and we had a debate about how it will be presented.

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