Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spoonflower fabrics.

 Debby brought along some of her designs she had had printed through Spoonflower.

You can upload designs and play around with them ,these come from her appliqué pictures.She  has mirrored the bottom right sample .All have been embellished with machine stitch in Debby's quirky and original style.
The top left design came from Fingerprint,the company run by Laura Kemshall. Debby has added her own 'stamp' on the fabric by stitching the bird.
We have an article about GTA in the current Designmatters magazine'Through Our Hands' issue 4. It is an online publication which is issued quarterly.You can view all four at or visit Laura 's blog to see the current one

Debby also showed this batik and hand painted silk scarf.She has skills in lots of creative areas.

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