Thursday, 30 April 2015

More lusciousness.

Marilyn brought along these samples,above where she had increased the percentage of the blue ,I think,by 25% each time but keeping the weave the same.

She brought these two examples of different weaves ,which had been used to make large bags. 

                    and this rather lovely rug.

Patricia and Carol had been along to a Quilters Guild workshop run by Janet Edmonds .


They had used Van Gogh paintings as inspiration,taking complementary colours to work with.

They choose different stitches to explore using thick and thin threads .

There is buttonhole,lazy daisy.cretan,couching

fly stitch,cross stitch

and many more.Can you identify them?

They make lovely samplers but just show that embroidery is very adaptable to do what you want.

They have rhythm 

and texture 

and pops of colour,and you don't have to stick to a design or use embroidery threads to achieve something DELICIOUS.

If you click on the image it should enlarge so you can see the detail.I've been shown how to upload them on my new computer instead of the I-Pad,makes for better viewing.

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