Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Fabric printing and Through the Looking Glass.

Debby brought along a length of fabric she had Contrado print from one of her pieces.

It was really lovely ,the colours were so beautiful and the fabric so soft.She had chosen silk georgette .

She had recently taken part in a workshop run by Stef  Francis.They had layered sheer fabrics then had to use masking tape to section areas from the centre.The masking tape was removed as each section was worked,ending with the final outer section to reveal the final piece.Debby was debating whether to add the Indian lace at either corner.

She decided to use a similar idea for her 'challenge piece'.It looks like she couldn't resist the lure of Stef Francis threads .Her eyelet stitch is very effective.

The Bristol Quilters Guild had a talk and workshop given by Mandy Pattullo. Debby along with Carol and Liz took the workshop.Debby has used her favorite birds in hers.They  worked on pieces of vintage quilt,adding hand turned appliqué and hand stitch.A lab our of love as no bondaweb or machine stitch  was allowed!

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