Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Splashes of colour and some silliness.

has a lovely collection that she raids ,from time to time ,to show us.We wondered if this was a piece of barkcloth maybe dating to 1950s.It is certainly a colourful and eclectic design

Sue loves to use the embellisher and this piece originated as a charity shop cardigan.Sue had used some wool tops to embellish the surface.

She ,like Viv, had been trawling through past samples and turned up this
Indian inspired piece.You can just glimpse the felt vessel she had related to this.
More below.

Patricia does wonderful things with colouring fabrics.She treated us to this selection silks and velvets,troubles they are often seen as lovely in themselves and we are loathe to use them

Jenn couldn't resist Sue's felt piece ,it gave everyone a good giggle as you can see.

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