Thursday, 9 November 2017

November's final offering.

Debby's CROWD piece takes the form of a large soft hanging.She has painted it using a mixture of fabric paint,Intense pencils and fabric medium to ensure colour fastness.Then she has machine quilted.The angle of the photo above has animated the trout so he looks to be swimming along!

The bug below has had a similar treatment,thought the iridescence doesn't show here.

She has begun to stitch into some of her prints from the lino printing  course.

She also shared with us some Cyanotype fabrics she had experimented with from some ready prepared fabrics.They are such an intense blue,and the images so clear.

Lastly some delightful brooches,many on a cacti theme,so on trend.

You can pick these up in Nature in Art if you're quick.Debby's wares just fly out.

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