Saturday, 10 March 2018


Since last month Deryll has tried out the chenille work from the book she was gifted at Christmas.She concluded that she didn't like the effect and it took too long,so she has gone back to her tried and tested ways of working.

The view will be worked in three pieces with a small gap between each section.

They are almost ready to be assembled,just finishing touches to be added like textures and surface stitch.

Right at the end of the meeting Sally presented these seat pads
wondering what she might do with them?She had worked them over twenty years ago for her sister's dining room.The stitching is exquisite and the colours unfaded but they are no longer wanted as the seat have been newly recovered .
Any ideas anyone?.......seems a shame to confine them to a drawer.

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  1. The seat covers could perhaps be turned into a shopping bag, or framed and hung on a wall.