Thursday, 22 August 2019

Feathers of more than one kind.

Debby brought her minimalist piece for UWE.It concerns positive messages and affirmations which are written on the feathers .Both sides have been worked on to represent the two parallel worlds we are said to inhabit as human and spirit.

She has used white feathers as they represent the connection between the living and the departed .White feathers also represent Angels and seeing the feathers are said to show the two worlds coexist.

Other work she has revisited are these puffins, and another batik piece of Sea Campions which is being worked on.

This piece was of a photograph taken in Barcelona of St.George and the  Dragon.She had it printed as a  sample by Prinfab on chenille.Where it hadn't quite worked Debby had used Inktense to strengthen the colour ,such a useful medium.

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