Saturday, 28 November 2020

More evidence of creative endeavour.

Bristol Embroiderers Guild hosted an online workshop with the lovely Angie Hughes.Carol took part and created this 

and this using Angie's technique of applying layers of fabric and stitch .

She then went on to put her own spin on it to make some very desirable cards.Wonder who'll be receiving these?

Jane has treated herself to a new weaving frame, this time to include sleeves.Getting it was a game and a half involving USA and Argentina .She has combined three yarns to weave a simple one over one under weave that resembles a herringbone.We look forward to seeing her wear the finished jacket.

Deryll has been doing some make do and mend .This cushion was originally made using a fabric pack to show how they might be put to use .This was back in our Sidcot exhibition.One of the fabric was a loose weave and with use it had frayed out.Ever resourceful Deryll had cut out the original fabric and replaced it with new adding decorative stitch to finish off,the cushion will live on!

During lockdown Debby has taken part in some online challenges .One was to create 'ugly'paintings using three colours plus white.In the process it was important to notice what you enjoyed...Debby loved the scraping back into the paint to reveal layers, and was surprised at the colour combinations.She found it hard to stop as her work is usually so full of detail.

These photos were taken when they were 80% finished and she wishes she had stopped then.We love the effect of the layers and added marks .Sometimes being challenged and 'out of our comfort zone 'can lead to exciting new discoveries.

She took the paintings and had them printed on velvet by Spoonflower .These are considering how they might look made up as cushions ........delectable!


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