Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Potential new members.

With Bobby and Heather deciding to step away from the group we are two people short.We invited Marilyn and Patricia to come along for a trial period to see if we would suit each other.
Marilyn is a weaver and she brought along a variety of her work,including this table runner above.

This selection was some samples inspired by beach huts,all threads hand dyed by Marilyn.Alongside in the box is a jewellery set.It was interesting to see how versatile the medium is.

We were also joined by Patricia ,who designs and makes her own fabrics and beads.
Viv is modeling first a necklace,then a new venture ,a fabric neck piece,a mix of jewellery and scarf.
Below is a close-up of one of Patricia's fabrics.She uses a wide variety of media and technique to achieve her one offs.

Finally,Sally and Kirsten examining the scarf worn by Marilyn,one of her own design.

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