Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Foreign parts

Sally and Viv had visited foreign parts for Christmas so not much textile work had taken place.Sally had purchased a tablet to be able to record what she saw on her travels .It needed a protective cover so she  fashioned one from an old embroidery piece of hers.It has a lovely faded feel as if it has some age.

She also showed these pieces which are,I think ,paper and card transformed with Sally's own brand of alchemy.They may become covers for a handmade book.

Sue has been adding further stitch and embellishments to this piece.

Some rather blurry close-ups showing the incredible amount of stitching present.

Viv brought along this rather special woven piece.It was made by the grandmother of her daughter-in -law and given as a gift at Christmas.

She also showed some inspirational photos taken while away.The carvings on these doorways may well prove to morph into embroidery!

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  1. Sally's book cover will be beautiful and I love those carved doorways. Always lovely to see people's work - I shall return for more!