Saturday, 23 August 2014


Marilyn and Patricia had separately been colouring fabric,and look how different it can be.

Marilyn had been on a course doing shibori ,with particular regard to its use in weaving.She produced some wonderful results with glorious colour.

The blue and red is done on a woven silk,you can just see the fringe at the bottom right.The following pieces were done on silk to develop and hone her technique.

Here she is holding up the second piece from the photo above.She was especially delighted with this next piece as it fits 'poppies' so well.

Patricia had been exploring transfer dyes and had produced some exciting results on synthetic fabrics.
They were a little difficult to capture due to the transparency of the fabrics.

These were the 'originals' worked on paper.Patricia had created little collages of the transfer painted papers before using them as transfers to fabrics.A little tip we had not thought about.

This was on a fabric throw from Ikea,it would make for an original scarf.

There is a transfer of some lace in this one,if you look carefully you can see it in lighter stripes across the fabric.

This fabric,below,came from some samples Patricia was given.It has silvery leaf shapes within it.

This last one shows up best,the base fabric has glittery threads running through.

Some food for thought,we often dismiss those man made fabrics but as this and the next post will show it can provide a rich vein for experimentation.

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