Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Man-made .......but inspired by woman.

As mentioned in the last post,man made fabrics can be used for a great many purposes.Ira never uses anything but and gets such mileage from them.

These are some of her painted fabrics,using acrylic paint and as she says 'just sploshing  it on'.
She then goes on to burn ,stitch ,bead and add sequins.You would never know their humble beginnings when they are finished.

This is a piece inspired by Debby and Carol's workshop with Margaret Beal.Ira sent for a soldering iron and started to play.

and this a work in progress.The fabric ,a type of nylon net most often seen at windows.

The detail shows the closely worked beading and French knots which cover the surface.

Rock strata is a subject that fascinates Ira,above is the start of another piece. Working in partnership with her  photographer husband ,he takes stunning photos then Ira interprets them in fabric and stitch.

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