Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Developing theme.

It is quite surprising but independently of each other several of us are working on a  similar theme for our Nature in Art exhibition next year.Viv brought along two pieces which explore the colours observed in the sea.

 She had cut this little strip off one of the pieces to make them both the same dimensions.

She was going to discard it but we thought it would make a precious piece mounted in its own frame.
This is what is good about being part of this group,there is diversity of technique and interest,plenty of individual views but above all support and encouragements or what we are trying to achieve.

Sue lives overlooking the Bristol Channel so can observe changes in the sky and sea daily.She has recorded some of these in a sketch book which she can visit over and over for reference.

Using her first hand observations she has turned her thoughts to a new piece.Using transfer painted fabrics and paper she has torn strips and begun to layer them to interpret the changing colours.

This has such atmosphere already,without a single stitch!

Jenn has also taken the coast as something to explore in fabric and stitch.She had been exploring pebbles using wool tops,scrim,and scraps of fabric and stitch.

She also brought along her piece from the Cas Holmes workshop.She had added some further papers and stitched into it.

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  1. I'm going to enjoy the Nature in Art exhibition. There are some lovely pieces being born here.