Sunday, 14 December 2014


Sally had just returned from a trip to Ethiopia,and had brought back some mementoes.This looks as if it is made from leather but is in fact woven from grass.

It is used to carry milk when visiting relatives.though we said it would most probably be butter or fermented by the time they arrive!

It looked as if it had been highly embellished and decorated to begin life.There were a couple of keys in the fringing.We speculated whether they were utilitarian or purely there for decoration.Sally also had this little book.

It was no more than 10cm square but contained the most beautiful little paintings and text.

It looks like a devotional or story book .The text has very interesting letter foms,not sure what the language is,or whether Ethiopia has a written language.
Her final memento was a traditional bag displaying a traditional embroidery motifs of flowers.

We can always depend on Sally to furnish some interesting objects to talk about.

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  1. I love this little book. Perhaps it's an Ethiopian Book of Hours.