Sunday, 25 January 2015

New Year new work.

This month is already shooting by,it has been almost two weeks since we met at Deryll's.We tried out a new way of structuring the meeting.'Show and tell' is an important part of the meeting but passing the work around tends to set off individual conversations which slow progress.This time we put work out but decided to keep the comments to the group.Photos were taken at lunchtime instead of as we progressed.Although we were all present for the first time in ages not all work was photographed as some members had to leave and others put it away. What you see in the following posts is a selection.

Deryll is continuing her 'walks' ,this from the Lake District.She has committed her thoughts and rememberance of walks she has taken to cloth,using hand dyed fabrics and stitch she creates a visual memory.

Above a detail of another memory walk in progress.

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